flower shaped button

Today, Kawasaki where we are, is like springtime though it is still in February.
It went up till 20 degrees!

On such a cheerful day, I would like to introduce this button to you all.

A set comes with 4 x flower shaped buttons and 4x round buttons..they are made of shell and cost 300yen!

Please browse our shopping site and email me at office@crib.co.jp , if you would like!


Another new fabrics from the US

Here are another new fabrics from the US!
Each costs 1400yen per meter and a minimum purchase is 50cm.


Workshop with students living in a same town!

Yesterday we gave a workshop to students living in our same town!
The workshop was held by neighborhood association of regional affairs from Nakahara ward ( where we live) office.
They put an ad on a local free paper..then just within a matter of a few hours it got full!

It was a 2 hour-workshop from 2pm till 4pm with 20 students.
Some were beginners, others were experienced....but it didn't matter...we all enjoyed sewing together!
Carrying a sample of a project (eco-bag)....

 We hope that they will be interested more in Quilt by this workshop and go on further!



Have you ever heard of this word? Danshari?
I guess it comes from Yoga or Buddhism..it consists of 3 words, Dan+Sha+Ri.
Dan means cutting out, Sha means throwing away and Ri means leaving..it is kind of difficult to describe these words in English, as it doesn't have the exact same meanings.
In short, they recommend the simplification.
Nowadays we carry too much stuff and stress..so it is getting popular in Japan to throw away what you don't really need in order to have a simpler life.
It might sound like detox.
Today we introduced it to CRIB QUILT. It would be a good timing of looking at yourself again, to see your real surroundings and also a relationship between you and your belongings!



We have been developing a new website for quite some time, and it will be finally ready to be revealed next month.
The new site will make it much easier to find the products you are looking for, and is also very beautiful!

Big Cat

Every month I go to Osaka for lessons.
Before a lesson starts, I wander around the neighborhood.
On the way to a hotel where I give a lesson, I ran into this big cat!



Unfortunately at the moment, international customers are unable to purchase items online.
Please visit our shopping site in Japanese where you can see fabrics, kits and notions.
Here is the URL .


New fabrics from the US

This week new fabrics were delivered to CRIB QUILT.
Each costs 1470yen per meter and you can buy a minimum of 50 cm or more by 10cm.

This line looks antique and feminine....they would match well each other.


Others, which are new as well, go well with fabrics above.

It is still cold, but I can smell the promise of SPRING....which gets me make something new with new fabrics!!!
These are available here online for domestic customers.
For international customers, please check the site and email me at office@crib.co.jp .


Spring's so far away...

It started snowing last night.
As there was a fire in front of our house last December, none of buildings were in our sight.
Look at a picture... It looks like one taken in a farm or something, even with that fence.

Shopping Method For International Customers

1. How to order
For international orders, please email us at office@crib.co.jp .
Unfortunately we are unable to process them through our website at the moment.
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4. Quantity
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3. Delivery
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Workshop in Bangkok

We give a workshop at the Windsor Suite Hotel in Bangkok on 26th and 27th of March.
Please contact Pak-ka-Pao house who is an organizer, directly.
Here is her website .
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