As most of you know, the very strong hurricane called IRENE made landfall in New Jersey, the east coast of the US.

I heard that New York City ordered citizens to evacuate.
We all hope it will not cause a disaster.

One of our American friends, her name is Irene. She emailed me to tell me that she got a lot of teasing from her friends, like " Are you working hard?".

She lives in an area which is on a way the hurricane is predicted to pass.
It might produce flooding rains, downed trees and widespread power outrages.

Hope everything will be fine.



Masako's books in other languages

Some of Masako's books are published in other languages.
Please find out one in your language!







Masako's books in Japanese

Here are books that Masako wrote in Japanese.

B-3  1200yen (Japan Vogue publishing company)


B-6   1200yen (Japan Vogue publishing company)


B-7  1400yen (Japan Vogue publishing company)

You can browse it here .

B-8  2000yen ( This is a book showing Masako's works and 100 her student's quilts and available only at CRIB QUILT)


The latest one: B-13  1700yen (NHK publishing company)


Tokyo Sky Tree

This will surely be the new hot spot of a sightseeing in Tokyo.
In Asakusa area, a very tall tower (634m) called "Tokyo Sky Tree" appears and will be open next May.

Yesterday we had a dinner meeting at an Italian restaurant which was located on the 22nd floor of Asahi beer building.

Unfortunately the tower has not been illuminated at night yet so we got together earlier then enjoy Italian food and the gorgeous view.


Pink ribbon meeting at Kaminoge

I will participate in a pink ribbon event which occurs at the Nihombashi Takashimaya department store in the middle of October, where 5 artists including me will show and sell each work as a charity.

We had the first meeting yesterday.

We also had our film taken, which will play at the event!
I got so nervous!

Here is a detail of the event below.

Place: Nihombashi Takashimaya department store
Duration: October 12- 18  10am - 8pm ( final day closed at 4pm)

We plan to give each workshop every day so please come by for a visit and check it out!


Pink ribbon activity in Kyoto

Kaoru who always supports my activity, and her friends got together for sewing hexagonal pieces to make our 3rd pink ribbon quilt.

We plan to exhibit the finished quilt at a pink ribbon event in November and it will go to an organization called " Wing Kyoto" later.

Nice summer dress

Look at one of students from our course in Osaka.
She made a cute dress using our fabric "American Country Homespun".
It really looked nice on her!



There is the statue on the way to a hotel ( where I give a lesson in Osaka) from Osaka station.
It is called "Billiken". It looks very Asian, but originally it was created by an American female artist!
His arms are short, so good lucks will be brought to you if you scratch a sole of his foot.


Visitor from Thailand

We had a visitor from Thailand yesterday. It was one of incredibly hot days ... It must have been so tiring for her to come to CRIB QUILT. Thanks for coming!
I hope she will have a great time in Tokyo and a safe flight back to Thailand.


Are you on summer vacation?

Hello everyone!
It is Miu again.

Many Japanese people take summer vacation around this time because of one of traditional customs called "Obon".

What about you? Maybe Westerns tend to take a long holiday in July?

It has been incredibly hot these days. Sometimes we reach 39 degrees, that is insane!
They easily lose their appetite because of this heat.

But I don't!

Do you give me my favorite, Katsuobushi ?

By the way, I had my hair cut. Actually I was trimmed ... too short for me!!!

Please sit back and relax and take some rest ... like me!


Gifts from Portugal

A dear friend of ours, Catarina returned to her home country Portugal last month.

She sent us a postcard of "Azulejo" and a mini tile of "Calcada" that we loved when we visited Portugal in summer 2010.



It was a nice gift of reminding us of the great memory of the summer!


working on ... 2

I am making various 7cm x 7cm sized patterns for my new quilt!

CRIB QUILT is open for you!

Now everybody may take a long summer vacation, but CRIB QUILT don't!
We are open for you except Saturdays and Sundays :-)

Please stop by if you come in the neighbourhood.


wedding anniversary

Every time we participate in the quilt show held in Alsace region, we always stay at a nice and cozy private house run by a couple of Mr. and Mrs. Didier.

Last time ( it was September 2010) we stayed there, they had their 50th wedding anniversary during the quilt show. They always stayed up late until we got home to hear what the show was like, but the night before, Gerard told us that they might have got home later than us because they had a journey of the Orient express to celebrate it! How romantic!

Then they gave me a picture of them at the wedding ( 50 years ago) and a recent one.
So we promised them to make a scrap book for the anniversary. We are so excited to see them again next month!


Fabrics from the US!

Some fabrics from the US are now available online too.
Please check it!
If you would like to buy, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp!







I attend a class every month!

Hello everyone! Mom is a student of CRIB QUILT and takes me there with her every lesson!
I'm a very good boy who doesn't yelp at all while the lesson ... by the way, I'm Mameta:-)


Here comes new kits with English instructions

For international customer's info, we have new kits (which are already sold online) with English instructions. They will definitely help you!

11M-2  1800yen
sold out

A353  2800yen
sold out

A355  2500yen

10M-1  4000yen

10M-4  2800yen
sold out

11M-1  1500yen
sold out

11M-3  4000yen
sold out

A358  2800yen
sold out