The quilts from Marylene to Yoko

We have received a couple of pictures of "Patch for Japan" quilts from Yoko!

They were taken right in front of Yoko's quilt shop, Nasa.
The quilts look like smiling in the warm sunshine!


Just arrived!

On the 11th of March 2011 we discussed what we could do for victims with Marylene, and we decided to start this project "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" (Patch for Japan) and announced it here on the 18th.

It has been a year.

Finally the quilts from Ruette, Belgium and crochet blankets from Paris have arrived at Yoko's quilt shop, "NASA".

12 boxes were unloaded from a truck

The shop must be filled with the quilts!

The blankets, and Yoko's customers and friends who got them

There are so many choices! They all differ from each other so it would be hard to pick only one out.

We are happy that they can get them in time for the continuing cold weather.


Shipped out!

On the night of March 17th the quilts and crochet blankets were shipped out to Narita airport in Japan!

The total weight was 155 kg which was not as heavy as we originally had thought.
12 boxes should be arriving at the airport by now.

The boxes are supposed to be delivered to Yoko's quilt shop in Ishinomaki, not via CRIB QUILT in Kawasaki, but we have one big problem.

As this project is a charity, we are trying to avoid customs duties but Japan customs asked us  to show something which verified that the quilts and blankets would reach victims.

I'm still not sure how it will go so I will keep you posted.

We have sold a set of 4 postcards of "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" (Patch for Japan) to raise money for shipping.

Even after Yoko receives the quilts, we will keep selling the cards to help people living in Ishinomaki. I think it is our duty to care for each other, especially in such a harsh time.
It has been only a year since the natural disaster happened.

And I would like to thank all who have already joined it.


New fabrics from the US

We now have new fabrics from the US.
Please email me at office@crib.co.jp , if you like to order!

A02-457  1400yen/m

A02-458  1400yen/m

A02-459  1400yen/m


Yoko in one of French papers "la-Croix"

While we participated in " l'aiguille en fete ", which was a well known craft show about everything with needles in Paris at the middle of February, editors of "la-Croix" visited Ishinomaki and stopped by Yoko's quilt shop.

It appeared in yesterday's paper in color!
It is a shame that we don't speak French ... If you are a French reader, you can get more info here! 


Patchwork cookies

In the morning I had a lesson at the shop today.
At the end students asked me to get out of the class room for a minute so I had been waiting till they called me ... then

There it was. The tapestry made of icing cookies!
One of the students asked her sister to make it by looking at pictures from my books!

The combination of colors and designs are very my style.

It has so much detail. A cake and buttons are on a pieced top!

It is too cute to eat, even one bite, so I am thinking to frame it :-)
Thank you so much!


Please come visit us

Since most of you checking this English version blog live outside Japan, I assume, I would like to share some photos of our shop located in Kawasaki, which is very close to Tokyo.


A 6-7 minute-walk from the Hirama station of the JR Nambu line leads you to CRIB QUILT. This blue house stands out in the neighbourhood.

This mail box receives letters and packages from you!

Entering the house, you find Masako's collection of thimbles which she got when traveling abroad.

Mainly we have the fabrics of "American Country" collections which Masako has designed and some from the US which she placed orderes for in Houston.

There are antiques that Masako also bought in the US which can tell us her world.

 This is a handmade cupboard which was displayed at the Tokyo Dome Show some years ago.

As we celebrated the 25th anniversary, the quilt is now hanging on a blackboard. It looks happy as if it was congratulated "Happy Birthday" by many people!

If you ever have a chance to come to Tokyo, please put "CRIB QUILT" in your "places to visit" list!


The 25th anniversary quilt

From old posts you already have checked out this quilt which was specially made for the 25th anniversary.
If you had taken a look more closely, you would have seen much embellishment as rickracks and buttons.

Especially layers of the cake were decorated with beautiful buttons!