The 25th anniversary 2

Secretly we had prepared 2 special occasions for them.
One of them was a tap dance show!

One of Masako's friends was a tap dance teacher so she asked her to do some performances. She willingly accepted her offer.

Almost all of the students had never seen tap dance that close before and their eyes were glued to her dance.

The other one was a bingo game!
The giveaways looked so great ... everything was from Paris when Masako visited there or works from her European friends :-)

As we expected, the works from the friends were popular and taken one by one first.

At the end of the party, the students gave Masako a nice surprise, which was a bouquet of flowers, a pair of wine glasses and a bottle of red wine made in 1987.

Thank you all!!!    

The 25th anniversary party!

The party to celebrate the 25th anniversary began at an Italian restaurant in Jiyuugaoka at noon on Feb. 26.

We displayed a quilt with a sign of "25" which was made for this special occasion,

a magazine published 22 years ago where Masako appeared with her father,

symbols of a great friendship - "Patch for Japan",

A signboard which we used when it was opened,

and countless messages from international friends!

There was a reception outside the restaurant.
Since students don't have opportunities to meet others in classes on different days, we asked everyone to wear name badges to get to know each other better.

The restaurant was filled with almost 70 people!

The party started with Masako's "Thank you for coming" speech.

It has been 25 years!

Can you guess what this picture is?
It was taken in front of CRIB QUILT which Masako opened up in January 1987.
It has been 25 years ... time flew away!
We threw a party with our staff and students last Sunday, so will post photos later.


New fabrics have arrived from the US!

Here are some new fabrics from the US!

A02-450  1400yen/m

A02-451  1400yen/m

A02-452  1400yen/m

A02-453  1400yen/m

A02-454  1400yen/m

A02-455  1400yen/m

You can place an order from us to email me at office@crib.co.jp !


Hi Claire!

If you love knitting and Japanese craft magazines, you might have seen "Knit Marche" published by Nihon Vogue before. ( Did you want to browse this? )

In their latest volume, an article of our dear friend Claire and project "Patch for Japan"  appeared.

This photo was taken at the entrance of our hotel when we visited Paris last November.

How beautiful the blankets are! Claire, you did an amazing job!

CRIB QUILT also opened our postal bank account to raise donations for shipping them to Ishinomaki. If you live in Japan, please click here to get further info.


Great restaurants and cafes in Paris

Having local foods is definitely one of the pleasures when you are traveling.

We didn't have any extra time except going to the fair from the hotel and vice versa in such a short time, but we tried some new restaurants and cafes!

Mamie Gateaux   the website

It was actually the 2nd time for us, but we liked a plate of quiche and salad!
They also have shops of Brocante and crafts next to this tea salon, so the inside of the salon was beautifully decorated with those antiques!

Address: 66 rue Cherche-midi 75006 Paris

Du Pain et des Idees   the website 

How lucky it was that there was a nice boulangerie in the neighbourhood.
We especially liked their apple pies and croissants :-)

Address: 34 rue Yves Toudic 75010 Paris

L'Autre Cafe    the website 

We had never been to the area which had "Parmentier" station, but we liked it very much.
You can hang out and sit back as long as you like at the relaxing and romantic cafe, L'Autre cafe.
It serves various healthy and great meals, so you can enjoy eating as well as fulfilling your appetite and needs.

Isn't it a typical tourist's behavior to pay with lots of coins?
We paid 50.40 euros with 2,1 euros and 50,20 cents coins:-)

L'Homme Bleu    no website

This restaurant may have been the best out of the ones above, as personally I love Moroccan dish. We did not make a reservation, which led us wait for 20 minutes at bar, but actually it was earlier than usual because all of members of a party ahead us didn't come.

We had 3 pots of tajine which tasted amazing! There were lots of herbs, rum and vegetables. And the mint tea ... it went really well with the dish.

Address: 55 bis rue Jean-Pierre Timbeau 75011 Paris

Our hotel also serves nice breakfast .......

Unlike Tokyo, most shops in Paris are closed on weekends. For a tourist, even getting breakfast is not easy. So we had breakfast at the hotel a couple of times.

There were huge mugs with plenty of coffee and milk!


L'aiguille en fete 2: Patch for Japan and Crochetons pour le Japon

On the 2nd floor, displays of "Patch for Japan" and "Crochetons pour le Japon" appeared opposite from ours.

With quilts from Marylene and crochet blankets from Claire and her friends, this project started for people living in Ishinomaki who were affected by the tsunami.

80 quilts and blankets on handrails of staircases.

At a table they sold postcards with which were to raise money for shipping the quilts to Ishinoamki as charity.

Near the table, there was a board that letters and pictures from people who sent grannies to Claire were pinned on.

Looking at all these, we realized what a great thing it was that so many people joined this project.

In the middle of the show, 2 ladies from Claire's started walking up and down rows of people to sell cards!

"A postcard at 1 euro for Japan!"
Don't you think how courageous they were? Putting a blanket on their shoulder, holding a card in their hand, they looked happy to do that, which moved me very much.

Marylene started making the new one ...

The show was over and so packing was with those IKEA plastic bags (how useful!).

We will make every effort to send them to Ishinomaki by the time winter approaches.