American Country 11 box

My new fabric line called "American Country 11" will come out at our exhibition.
We start selling this box including all of new fabrics, on May 5th which is the first day of our show.
It is limited, so don't miss it!!
For international customer's info, we post it on our shopping site in the middle of May.

35th 2011 Japan Hobby Show

Yesterday we visited the biggest hobby show called Japan Hobby Show in the Tokyo Big Site.( Here is an info)

We happened to see Mr. Hirose who is a very well known knitting artist.
We stopped by a booth of Ms. Yoshimoto whom we asked for dried flower arrangements at our upcoming exhibition.


pictures from Yoko 2

Yoko's customers living in a town called Ogatsu get together at her quilt shop today.

The town, Ogatsu was deeply damaged by Tsunami and most of people lost their houses. Because of land subsidence, it is impossible to rebuilt their houses on the same places. There is no other ways than leaving their home.

They finally could see each other for the first time since Mar.11 and cried for joy.

They used to get together for quilting at a town hall which now totally looks different from what it used to be. Look at a bus on the top of the roof.

A circle of quilters is getting bigger in Miyagi prefecture. Some quilters whom Yoko hasn't known also joined this activity!

A girl is one of voluntary helpers in where Yoko lives. This is her first time to quilt!

This is a lady living in Ogatsu who lost her house and moved from place to place. She decides  on moving to Kanto area.
She could not take anything with her, but her husband's mortuary tablet.
Hope she is happy with the sewing case that we sent.

At the front of her shop, there is a signboard with a message.
"Gambarou Japan, Gambarou Miyagi" Gambaro is hard to be translated, but it means, "Don't loose hope , let's go forward!" We will walk together!!!


The third regional form cards are available!

Finally the third regional form cards are available at post offices all through Japan.

First we got a card of Tokyo Metropolis which is an ueno-zoo-shaped.
They must be rental giant panda who recently came from China. They are so popular in Japan!

Here are other cards from Kagoshima prefecture.


at last!

At last Masako's new book is on sale!
Through her journeys to several countries, she made those bags and pouches.

Now we are working on our new catalogue (2011 summer) which you will get in the middle of May. It features Masako's new fabric called American Country 11. Also you can check new kits! Stay tuned!


Blocks, Blocks and Blocks!

Still a lot of blocks arrive at our mailbox.
Thank you so much for joining this activity.

We will post all pictures of blocks that have been sent here on the blog.
They are so colorful and beautiful!

Here is a picture of blocks that our Portuguese friends mailed to us, with a thoughtful card to Yoko.


We went seeing our gynecologist called Dr. Inoue whom we have known for many years through the pink ribbon activity that we work on.
After the checkup ( mammography and ultrasonic echo), we asked Dr.Inoue to give a little talk at our upcoming exhibition. We will announce it more later.
The number of people carrying a breast cancer is increasing. It is the best way to find out at an early stage. That's why a check up on a regular basis is very important!


pictures from Yoko

Today we've got an email from Yoko with pictures which show what Ishinomaki ( where she lives) is like now.

This used to be a spot enjoying Sakura (cherry blossom) viewing.
10 minutes from her house by car.

This was taken in front of a company ( the fishing industry) where she used to work.

They say it is going to be better, but it will definitely require a bunch of time getting back to what it used to be.

In her neighborhood, roads are collapsed, but after tidying up her shop, it gets back to normal. Today she had 3 visitors!

They all lost their houses. A lady on the right hand moves to Kanto area, the others move to temporary houses. 

They have to live apart...but they smiled getting sewing kits that we shipped.

We can see blocks that they pieced on a table.


coming in 2 weeks...

Our exhibition occurs in 2 weeks.
Today was not supposed to give a lesson to students, but some of them came here for asking about their unfinished quilts for the exhibition!

Keep up the good work, ladies! I'm sure all of you can finish by then!


an article of the new book

The new book called "Anytime and Anywhere quilting"  comes out in 6 days!!

NHK ( national broadcasting corporation ) has a handmade arts and crafts program called "Sutekini Handmade", which introduces a large variety of artists from quilters to painters.

They publish a textbook linked with the TV program. There is an article(introduction) of my new book in May issue, as it is published by NHK publishing company.


Ms.Yoshimoto, an artist of dried flower arrangements

We visited Ms.Yoshimoto's shop to ask her to make some bouquets using dried flowers for our upcoming exhibition.

Her works really go well with quilts.
I found a nice wreath!


blocks arrived!

Blocks for the quilt "Anata to Watashi no quilt" have arrived at CRIB QUILT again.
Thank you very much for joining us!

One of them stuck a letter in a package, where she wrote that she asked her husband, daughters and grandchildren to write their names and messages on blocks....I can have a picture of them in my mind, sitting together and talking what they were going to write.. It made me smile.

Our dear friend, Catarina living in Luxembourg also sent blocks that she made to us.
She put some buttons and laces on them..I liked the idea! There was a card for Yoko as well.


the first picture from Yoko!

We've got an email from Yoko to tell us that she started piecing blocks that we were given from Thai students at the workshop in the end of March.

Yoko gave 9 blocks to each her customer to make a 9 patch then asked them to quilt.
Later they will assemble all of panels as big as a 9 patch to make a big quilt. It will be done all by blocks from Thai friends!

Time and Place don't matter to make a 9 patch and quilt it....ummm this is a very Anytime Anywhere Quilting as my new book title!


do you remember regional form cards?

I would like to welcome you to regional form cards again!
We started collecting those cards but then realized that most of them were already sold out!

But Japan post begins to sell the 3rd ones on 18th!

I'd love to share what we've got with you all.

Shingen Takeda(Yamanashi)

Matsuzaka beaf (Mie)

Japanese spiny lobster(Mie)

Maiko san (Kyoto)

paper umbrella


the tokyo tower (Tokyo)


our exhibition is approaching...

CRIB QUILT exhibition is held from 5th till 10th of May on 3rd floor of the Tokyu department store in Shibuya.

As I announced that the new book came out on 26th of April, you will be able to check the pieces from the book which will be beautifully displayed!

Also Masako's new fabric line called "American Country 11" will become available at the exhibition.

We mailed the invitation postcard to our customers and visitors who came to our last exhibition.

If you like to come and get this card, please let us know. I'd love to mail it to you!

Hope to see you there!



I'm excited to announce that Masako Wakayama's new book will come out on 26th of the month!
It is published by NHK publishing company and named " Anytime Anywhere Quilts".

Masako always sews even when she goes to other countries on business trip..on plane and at airports waiting for a connecting flight.

It shows many projects that she made, inspired by when she traveled, for example, Paris, Lisbon, Bangkok, Tallinn, Shanghai, Houston, Helsinki, Stuttgart and Stockholm and comes with illustrations drew by a well known illustrator, Mariko Hirasawa. It gives the book a new twist!

It will be available online as well. If you place an order from us, you will get one autographed by Masako! It is priced at 1700yen for an international customer. 


how do you do with small pieces of fabrics?

Don't you have many small pieces of fabrics that are not enough to make, for example , 4 or 9 patch pattern?

Do you dislike the hassle of trying to mark each one and sew them together?

Here is a tip to solve the problem!

Let's use plastic templates:-)

1.Place clear plastic template over center of fabric motif. Use hole to pin in place (or use clips).
2.Cut fabric around template leaving 5-8mm seam allowance.
3.Turn seams over sides of template, double stitching at each corner to hold folds in place.
4.Use oversew stitch to join pieces together. (Keep templates in, then your work will be precise.)
5. Remove the template when you have sewn round each side.

There are some combinations of using different designs, explaining above in a plastic template love chart!

We have them available online, but it is in Japanese. here

from Shanghai

Blocks for the quilt called "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" arrived from Shanghai!

We found a message of "加油(Jia you)" which Chinese people use to encourage people, on many of them.


how to make a pattern for Anata to Watashi no Quilt

We've got some phone calls from our customers to ask us how to make a pattern for the quilt called "Anata to Watashi no Quilt".

Please follow this way!

1. Prepare any white fabric then draw a square of 7x7cm. Cut it with 7mm seam allowance.

2. Prepare fabrics for 4 triangles. Draw 4 triangles (Isosceles right triangles) whose size is 5x5x7cm. Please cut them with 7mm seam allowance.

3. Piece them!

If you have any questions, please email me at office@crib.co.jp


A package arrived here from Portugal yesterday.
That was our friend, Graca!

It included blocks for the quilt called "Anata to Watashi no Quilt", beautiful lace and a Portuguese traditional ceramic plate, Azulejo!


Fabrics from the US

New fabrics from the US have arrived!
If you like fabrics in red and floral prints, you won't be disappointed with them.

You can check its details, here .


Sakura in Kyoto

Pictures of Sakura( cherry blossom) at Hirano shrine in Kyoto.

A friend of ours, living in Kyoto, sent these pictures.
I love the contrast of the beautiful blue sky and pink Sakura.

Seasonal food of Spring

We got Takenoko ( Bamboo shoots) from a friend in Kyoto.
It is at its peak so flavour is great!

Monica from Portugal

We got a couple of blocks from Monica living in Portugal!
Thank you, Monica.

We visited Monica's house last September. You can check the story in a magazine called "Home Sweet Craft vol.10" (Japan Vogue).

Her boy, Martim is already 3 years old!