TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2015 : Friends

TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival always gives us chances to see our dear friends from all over the world!

From Thailand

An American couple from Okinawa (JP)

Dessy and Yos from Indonesia

Joe from Thailand

From Shang Hai

Lynette from Australia

From the U.K.

Yoko from Ishinomaki

It was a happy reunion!



TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2015

TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2015 was held from the 22nd through the 28th of January at the Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadium.

The main feature was the TV program, "Little House on the Prairie" and Masako was asked to make a quilt of Oleson's Mercantile.

(The show info in English is here.)

This store was probably the only one where people could buy goods for daily living. The quilt presents a wide variety of things available at the store by using stenciling, piecing and even actual buttons and handles.

A crowd of people in front of the quilt. I hope many visitors enjoyed seeing it.

Everything started here.
This picture was taken on the first set-up day. Boxes and furniture were unloaded from a rental track.

Many new things came out at the show.
Some new kits, stencil patterns and piecing paper patterns went on sale. 

I always wonder why this show attracts so many quilters living not only in Japan, but many other countries as well.
On Saturday we had more than 42,000 visitors!

Getting back to "Little House on the Prairie", there were large exhibits such as a quilt covered wagon and a log cabin.
It's hard to believe almost everything was made from fabric! Ms. Reiko Washizawa has created this world in her own way.

This log cabin and quilts in it were designed by Ms. Yoko Saito.
Her way of combining color depicts the way of living in the American Old West.

Masako wondered why she had not encouraged her students to enter their quilts in the show's contests.

Two quilts made by students were selected and displayed at the show!

They must have been ecstatic and proud!

Let me share more photos of the quilts which particularly looked attractive to me.
I think this quilt was a prize winner.

Each block is even embroidered. How intricate is that!

When you look the quilt from a distance, you may think what are those dots? Ribbons? 

No, actually they are tiny pieces in the center of a log cabin block; I liked this idea.

If you a cat person and a quilter, these cats would look familiar to you. (Please check the past story)

I'm definitely a big fan of this quilt maker.

Here are some of the framed quilts for you to enjoy.
They contain so many small pieces and details!