Finally the show'd begun!

On 13th morning, finally the show had begun!
Actually we were 30 minutes late, as we didn't know they changed the opening time!

We did 2 demonstrations. Masako was in charge of Punchneedle and Yoko was of Plastic templates!

It was so packed and crowded!

This lady bought a kit of the bag at our stand 2 years ago and brought the finished one!

setting up a booth at SMM

On Sep.12 (Wed), we left home in Luxembourg at 6:30 in the morning and headed for Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.

We arrived at 11 am and stopped by the B&B that we always stay, to unload our belongings. Paulette and Gerard were waiting for us!

After finishing setting up a booth, we drove around towns and had some tea at a cafe in Riquewihr which is a beautiful town.

We all loved the charming town. It was surrounded by lovely historical buildings.

Paulette and Gerard invited us for dinner that night. It was our favorite, Sauerkraut that Paulette made!

Do you remember that Masako made a scrap board to celebrate their 50th anniversary?
Finally we could hand it to them! They loved it then placed it in their living room!


Homemade Lunch

It was one of our pleasures to give a workshop at Marylene's ... yes, homemade lunch!

Quiche, salad, meatlauf, soup and ratatouille

chocolate cake, pudding and more...

Definitely Aida wanted to join us!

After the lunch, I showed some techniques as plastic templates, punchneedle and interfacing.


Workshop at Marylene's

It was the 13th. A workshop was going to begin in 30 minutes...
Once we stepped into the room, there were quilts of "Patch for Japan" hanging all around.

There were no words ... Yoko was so moved by actually watching them with her eyes.
Each piece was a message from people who joined the activity.

Gradually students were getting together ...!  Shall we start?:-))?

Evening at Ruette

On the 12th evening, Marylene invited us for dinner at a restaurant in Ruette.
On the way there, we found a lot of cows ... they were watching us!

Everybody else tried mussels! They were filled in a basket. (I am not a big fan of mussels:-(

Yoko gave the ARIGATO quilt to Marylene that night. There were some tears on her face.
What a sweet lady she is.


2nd day in Luxembourg

It was September 11th.

We all prepared things for a workshop at Marylene's and the show, European meeting Patchwork.

Catarina made a nice lunch for us! We had it on her terrace.
Sun was shining ... it was a perfect day to eat outside.


Hello everyone. We all returned home from Europe last Thursday!
It was a great journey ... I wanted to update this blog much sooner, but somehow I didn't have time. Maybe some already checked the other Japanese blog. So please enjoy the trip with us!

Yoko wanted to say thank you to all people who participated in the project "Patch for Japan", especially Marylene from a quilt shop in Ruette, Belgium and Catarina (our dear friend) who leaded the project. In return she made "ARIGATO quilts" for Marylene and Catarina!
Look at two with the quilt:-)
A quilt has a power to unite people!



17th European Meeting Patchwork

Finally we are leaving for Europe on Sunday!
First we give a workshop at Marylene's quilt shop called Atelier Patchwork et Point Compte on 13th, Tuesday.

Then we participate in this quilt show from 15th (Thu) to 18th (Sun).
Our booth number is J83, which is not under the white tent where we were last 2 times!
We bring new fabrics and kits which you like for sure, so please stop by:-)

On 20th (Tue) we will give another workshop in Luxembourg.

Hope to see you there!


Project of September lesson at CRIB QUILT

It is not too early to prepare something for Christmas, as there are only about 110 days until Christmas. I wanted my students to hang this lovely Santa Clause ornament in their house for this Christmas.

We will announce new kits for autumn and winter, which look all adorable. Stay tuned!


A visitor from Qatar at NASA in Ishinomaki

We have got an international phone call the other day.

A lady who spoke fluent Japanese on the phone, contacted CRIB QUILT as she checked our activity "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" on our blog.

She told "I plan to go to Ishinomaki one of these days so would like to have a phone number of NASA that is Yoko's quilt shop to see her."

Then Yoko emailed me to tell that the lady visited her shop!

She is Shanti, from Qatar and has studied at a university and taught English one of high schools in MIyagi prefecture. That's why her Japanese is good!

She is also a quilter and brought her works to some disaster places in Ishinomaki. That was the 2nd visit for her since the tsunami happened.

We are curious to know what kind of quilts she makes!

There are what Shanti brought to Yoko as gifts.

We feel the circle of our quilt friends is getting bigger!


Passport case

Some of CRIB QUILT staff are going to Germany on vacation for a week.
They decided to make the same passport cases from Masako's new book "Anytime Anywhere quilting"!

How pretty these lined up cases are!

It can carry a passport, air tickets and a pen!

It would be a good idea to make your own if you plan to travel abroad:-)