New fabrics from the US!

It is the first time in a while that this wide range of fabrics from the US arrived at the store!Please place an order from us! (If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at office@crib.co.jp)

A02-478  1400yen/m

A02-479 1400yen/m

This block is 6.5cmx10cm

A02-480 1400yen/m

A02-481 1400yen/m

A02-482 1400yen/m

A02-483 1400yen/m

A02-484 1400yen/m

A02-485  1400yen/m

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A02-490 1400yen/m


Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2013 is over.

On 30th of January Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival finished, which had been held for 7 days.
Look at the sight! Filled by tons of people!

The first couple of days had almost 40,000 visitors a day. Just amazing!

This is our CRIB QUILT booth.

On the first day which was the 24th of January, Masako gave a talk about the project "Patch for Japan" and how to use our own item, the interfacing.

Showing some pictures of the quilts and blankets that Marylene and Claire made using patterns and blocks which were sent to them from all over the world, we informed them that they were safely delivered to Ishinoamki, Yoko's quilt shop.

Many of you might have hesitated to make a curve pattern ... but with the interfacing those patterns will be beautifully made!

On the 3rd day which was 26th of January, we gave a workshop where we taught how to do Punchneedle.

It was a 2 hour workshop. All of students looked so relaxed and enjoying it. We had a student from Taiwan, who spoke good Japanese!

Tokyo Dome Show gives themes to quilt artists who were asked to make a quilt for the show. I was in a group of "Journey".
Here is my latest quilt called "Quilt doors".

Every journey through the quilt was like opening doors which I had not encountered.
Meeting new friends and finding beautiful things .... those each encounter has created a wonderful road in front of me.

Are you curious to know what kind of quilts were exhibited there?
Here is a selection which Emi chose.

Tasha Tudor from Special feature,Tales of Two ladies
(If you are not familiar with Tasha Tudor, please visit her website )

Look at the gorgeous dresses. She liked 1830's style very much.

Imagine a lady in this blue dress over a cup of tea in the afternoon. It is just so romantic!

You might think it is simple and ordinary. But it is actually extraordinary. Because she grew Flax then harvested, spun and wove it to make a shirt. It took her 3 years. It says that the shirt is silky touched! 

Another group, "Playing with circle patterns"

"Alphabet of circle" made by Kumiko Fujita

Framed Quilt

Fumiko Nakayama from My way of quilt making by eight artists

This was Emi's favorite exhibit at the show.
Have you ever heard of The tale of Genji which was the first Japanese novel written by a female author, Murasaki Shikibu in the early years of the 11th century? (Here is more info.
The artist, Fumiko Nakayama liked its concept and world very much so that she made 54 quilts which were inspired of all chapters of the story using a technique of Mola. 

The artist, Fumiko Namayama

She said when making a quilt, first she draws a design and choose colors of embroidery threads. Look at the combination of colors ... so beautiful!

This was Emi's favorite quilt called "2-1 Cat town" from Original Design Quilt Category.

This must catch your eyes, especially cat lovers'!
Colors are limited, only using dark blue and dark brown and white . But there are so many details which describe cat's features very much.

Hope you enjoyed my report of Tokyo Dome Show 2013.