Leather handle in American blue

One of our popular items is a leather handle in Masako's American blue.

The new size has arrived here!

The width is 15mm and the length is 1.6m.
The price is 480 yen for international customers. You can cut it however long you want to use!

To attach it to your work, please make holes with a stiletto and then sew.


Good foods in Singapore

Zen and Wuxi took us to amazing restaurants during our stay in Singapore.

I didn't have time to search for info about foods but I had known about Chicken rice and our Thai friend, Pao, recommended to eat it at the Mandarin hotel.

There it was. You could eat Chicken rice anywhere in Singapore, but everybody said that was the best. It came with 3 different sauces, Chili, Ginger and Duck sauce. You can make your own one by mixing them up.

Chili crab is also a popular seafood. We went to "JUMBO" to have dinner together, every table even outside the restaurant was almost full and it looked like a big party was going on.

The Japanese love crab but it was different from what we had here. It was so hard to open  the crab shell, so an apron was needed. 

Some of you might have seen this tea house "TWG" in your town. TGW is a Singaporean brand.
I knew it was in Jiyugaoka which was a town that I liked, but I always hesitated to go in because a menu hanging on a wall outside the shop told us it was a little expensive.

On the way to go up to the top of the Marina bay sands, we had tea with Zen and Wuxi.

There was a million kinds of teas and it was so hard to pick one out.

When we were about to have seats, one of the students who attended the workshop was sitting right next to us! What a coincidence!
It was definitely a luxurious and relaxing time.

We bought many tea boxes to give friends as gifts at Takashimaya department store. When having the tea, it will surely remind us of nice memories in Singapore.

Do you know what this number "1837" means in its logo? Singapore has only a 47-year-history. Usually in a logo, we find "since" or "established in" but then we realized nothing was indicated. It must have a meaning. It is funny and we are curious to know the reason. 


Places to see in Singapore

The symbol of Singapore must be the "Merlion". Unfortunately it was in the middle of being renovated! What a shame.

So we went seeing a bigger one in a man-made island "Sentosa".

This is a gorgeous view from Sentosa.

"Marina bay sands" definitely comes next when you think of Singapore.
A couple of years before, SoftBank which was a Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporations made this CM.

So we were dying to see this pool which looked like it was floating in the sky.

We found out that visitors were not allowed to see the pool! Only people who stay there can swim in the pool.

But isn't this a spectacular view from the top ? There were countless ships going in and out and a new botanical garden way below us.  

The first workshop in Singapore

Hope all readers are doing fine even in this heat. Tokyo is having very sticky summer this year and we all try not to use a lot of electricity because of the nuclear power issues.

It has been almost 3 weeks since the last post!

In the meantime we went to Singapore to give a workshop for the first time on July 19 for 5 days.

Sing Mui Heng which is a retail shop has recently entered into the quilt market and asked us to give a workshop!

This is their shop.

Some samples of our kits and the project of the workshop were displayed in the storefront.

The workshop was held at a hotel on the 21st and 22nd.

The organizer, Wuxi from Sing Mui Heng.

On the first day Debbie who was a freelance writer for a magazine called "Child" attended the workshop. A young mother having a baby is the target reader of "Child" and after the workshop, Masako was interviewed by her. She especially wanted to ask her about quilting by mathematics approach. There are so many shapes and numbers when quilting. Just sitting on a table and answering math tests would not satisfy children. So she said "Did you like math at school?" but Masako answered "That was not my favorite subject."

But we could talk a lot about quilting and why it brought us such great joy. Thank you, Debbie!

On the 2nd day we had the youngest male students ever.

Masako seems positively happy surrounded by such young men, doesn't she?
Their mother has a quilt shop in Malaysia and the sons are helping her business.

Outside the hall there were tables where we sold our kits, fabrics and notions.
Sing Mui Heng was closed Sundays so their staff came by to help us. 


Students started working on their new quilts!

Our own exhibition occurs every Spring, so our students have started making their new coverlets.

Some already finished tops and others still haven't decided even which pattern they want to do!

But we are all different and that's what makes each one of the quilts more wonderful!