Workshops in Singapore

We went to Singapore for 5 days from the 2nd to 6th of July to give workshops.
It was our third time being invited by Sim Mui Heng which is a handicrafts shop located in the heart of the city.

As in Singapore we had never taught cartonnage which differs from making a quilt, we asked Wuxi(the wife of the organizing couple) and her staff to learn how to do it in order to help us at the workshop.

We taught different projects on both 2 days, trapunto and cartonnage.

First Masako shared stories about her latest quilt hanging behind her and also her new fabric collection.

Stuffing a cotton cord "Cotone" on the wrong side of the fabric between the 2 layers, the cotton satin and cotton organza, it doesn't require an advanced skill. Trapunto is originally considered a difficult technique because you have to cut and pad on the wrong side of your finished quilt. You don't really know how much you padding you put in each design which might cause the fabric to wrinkle. But it's easy to see how many cords you stuff into your design instead.

A group photo of the first workshop!

The second workshop began at 9 am.
We wanted to finish making an entire box including a small box which goes inside, we tried to go as far as we could in the morning.

We finished more than 90 steps, all of the students were able to take the finished one back home. They were really good students! We hope to see them at the Tokyo Dome Show next January!

It was such a short time to stay in Singapore so we did not have much free time, but we had chicken rice which is our favorite and Zen and Wuxi took us to a nice beach. 

Thanks so much for the wonderful time!