Masako Wakayama & CRIB QUILT exhibition 3 ~ Frame works~

I'd like to share some frame works with you today.

A beautiful embroidery work.
The maker works for CRIB QUILT and teaches some of Masako's students embroidery .

I like this combination of colours.

Eco craft might not be popular in your country, but it is in Japan.
This image comes from our actual shop.

She even made this too!
Each piece is so tiny but really well done.

Cross stitch with a Scandinavian touch.
I'd like to hang it on the wall of my room when Christmas comes!



Masako Wakayama & CRIB QUILT exhibition 2 ~ Table arrangements~

It was our new challenge to organize table arrangements with quilting!

Masako had students from one of her classes make place mats with actual dishes using fabric and other craft items!

How is it possible to find a yellow fabric which really looks like a pumpkin?
It seems to be made for this! The broccoli were done by punch needle.

It was made by an eco-craft artist as well as one of Masako's students.
Look at the wine glass!

3D work looks more realistic.

The berries are made of glass beads !

This is very special. Some of you might know this dish called "Sukiyaki" which is a feast for Japanese people.

Bon appetite!



Masako Wakayama & CRIB QUILT exhibition 1 ~ Masako's works~

Our annual exhibit held at the Tokyu department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, took place from the 15th to 20th.

Please come in!

This is the place where Masako's latest quilt and her new works using her new fabric collection "American Country 14" were exhibited.

The quilt was first showed at the Tokyo Dome Show.

There were also some works with her new fabric!

I personally like this frame. The dried flower arrangement makes it look much prettier.
This is a part of her new panel fabric so that you don't have to embroider on your own, as it is printed!

Another part of the same panel fabric is used to make this cartonnage (card and fabric) box.

Masako asked her students who came to our shop in Kawasaki to make a small work to put into a white wooden frame.
This is the one that Masako made as a sample.
Lots of antique things such as threads, lace, buttons from her personal collections are used in it.