Our New Autumn Products Are Now Available

Our new autumn products feature "Halloween" and "Christmas".
All are simple and easy to make, so you can complete them in time for those special seasonal events!

15A-1 Pumpkin Quilt   29x35cm         3000 yen 
The witch and the pumpkin are done by applique using wool felt.
Use wool felt to applique them, which is much easier than usual applique!

15A-2 Halloween Ornaments        8cm in diameter          1800 yen
They look nice on the wall!

15A-3 Halloween Embroidery Ornaments      7cm and 3.5cm in diameter    1300 yen
They have a difference look from the wool felt one above.
Tiny beads around each circle accentuate your work.  

15A-4 Santa Ornaments      43x15cm          2700 yen
The Santa is actually three-dimensional!
He is wearing a coat and hat.

15A-5a  Pre-cut Christmas Fabric Set (red)      1600 yen
A set includes 6 pieces of pre-cut fabric measuring 30x36cm and a mini acorn accessory.
It comes with directions for making the mini quilt below (30x33cm)!

15A-5b  Pre-cut Christmas Fabric Set (blue)     1600yen
This set also includes 6 pieces of fabric measuring 30x36cm and rick-rack.
The fabric was designed by the famous quilt artist, Lynette Anderson.
How lovely it looks!
It comes with directions for making the mini quilt below (33x29cm)!

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