French Movie: "Haute Cuisine"

The other day we went to the theater to watch a movie whose original French title is "Les Saveurs du palais" and the Japanese one is 大統領の料理人 (The personal cook for the president).

It is based on a true story of Danièle Delpeuch, the first woman to ever cook with the Elysee Palace. It is about how she was hired as a personal cook by and for François Mitterrand.

In the movie, the chef called Hortense Laborie, is responsible for creating all the president's meals at the Elysee Palace. In spite of the jealous resentment of other members of the kitchen staff, Horstense quickly establishes herself.

The president is tired of haute cuisine and has developed a hankering for the traditional regional cuisine of his youth.
Her creations satisfy his culinary desires and provide him with "the best of France".

I especially liked the dialogue when François visited her kitchen.
As the story goes along, more complications arise when health problems of the president require Hortense to adjust her cooking style to rule out sauces and spices while also paying close attention to budgetary restrictions.

The president also has the same problems and says "Now we are both in a bad spot, but is needed in our life. It's adversity called a spice to get over and live our life better".