visitors from Indonesia

We had visitors from Sumatra Island in Indonesia today!

They like Japan so much that they have come to Japan many times.
On this trip, they decided to come to our shop for the first time!


From Germany and Hong Kong

Our dear German friend, Silvia sent us some blocks that she made with her friends!

Catherine who participated in our small workshop in Hong Kong also sent blocks and a picture of her family.

Wherever we live, regardless of borders, we could get together for one thing.
Thank you so much for joining us!

the exhibition in Sapporo

We had a great time at our exhibition which was held from May 26 till 28 in Sapporo which was in north of Japan!

I would like to share more photos with you here.

This was an entrance.

The latest quilt and some other old ones were exhibited.

All works from the new book "Anytime Anywhere Quilting" were displayed in glass boxes categorized by countries.

The new Masako's fabric called American Country 11 was available.
We brought their bolts so customers could get however long they wanted to take!

A small space for "Pink ribbon activity" and "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" was also there.
The amount of the donation was 2309 yen.

Thank you:-)


Helping Japan

Most may know a very popular Finnish fabric company, Marimekko is our favorite.
We have been to Helsinki just to look for Vintage fabrics of Marimekko a few years ago...you see how much we like it!

They decided to design a special Unikko-patterned fabric bag to donate the proceeds from the sales of the bag to Japan through the Red Cross because of the natural disaster in March.

It was on sale last Friday, so we stopped by one of shops in Tokyo. But they told us that bags got sold out only in 10 minutes!

After that, they announced to sell more today. A shop of Marimekko is in Sapporo as well and one of our students offered to wait in a line to get it before it is open!

The special design consists of 3 colors which indicate blue from the Finnish national flag, red from the Japanese flag and white as their common color.


an exhibit in Sapporo has just begun

At 10 am the exhibition called "Masako Wakayama book launch exhibition" finally began in Sapporo, Hokkaido prefecture that is in the north of Japan.
Visitors enjoy works from the new book!

The new panel fabric (AC11) seems quite popular:-)

We will have been here ( at a handy craft shop called Kanariya) till 28th, Saturday.
Please stop by!


a wonderful dinner

We had a wonderful dinner with our American friends who visited Japan for a silk tour that they arranged. Maggie, she calls herself, Silk Ambassador, is an organizer of a group called "Silk Experience" who specialises in Silk and arranges various workshops at the quilt show in Houston.

It is a group of 16 people who all are interested in Silk. So they went to Gunma prefecture and Yamanashi prefecture to visit some cocoon farms and museums.

At a fantastic Japanese restaurant in Ginza, we enjoyed time together.
Glennis whom I've known for many years and Cathy joined us! It was funny to learn Japanese culture from American friends:-)


new kits

Please be sure to take a look at new kits using fabrics of American Country 11 that Masako Wakayama designed!

First, 11m-1, it is a pouch having 2 pockets.
On the front side, there is a pocket fastened by Velcro.
On the back side, it has a pocket fastened by a zipper.

Secondly,11M-2, it is another pouch with a metal handle.

The last one, 11M-3 is a mini day bag.

It has a pocket on the back side!

11M-1 ( 14x19cm) is 1500yen.
11M-2 (14x16cm) is 1800yen.
And 11M-3 (18x26x10cm) is 4000yen.

If you have any questions, please email me at office@crib.co.jp


Cream Puff

Have you ever seen an adorable cream puff like these?

It shapes Totoro which is a very popular Japanese film directed by Mr. Hayao Miyazaki.
Here is a detail .
It was too precious and cute to eat them, but tasted great.


a situation outiside of Japan

Originally "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" was an idea of Marylene who was an owner of a quilt shop in Ruette, Belgium and us.

According to her blog, she has got over 4000 blocks! They must have come from all over Europe... Please go checking her blog .

Some blocks arrived at CRIB QUILT from a friend living in Germany.

As we don't understand any German words, she attached notes explaining each meaning written down on blocks in English to them.
The one with an angel is adorable.

Thank you very much for joining us!


American Country 11 box

A weather is fantastic with lots of sunshine today. It is a perfect early summer!

If you love all of the new fabrics from American Country 11 that Masako Wakayama designed, you won't be disappointed with the American country 11 box.

It includes pre-cut ( a quarter of a meter) 11 fabrics like

10 plaid ( check) fabrics like

 and the panels that I showed to you yesterday. The inside looks like this.

Also you can use the box as a sewing case carrying your sewing tools!

The item number is 11M-4 and costs 7600yen for an international customer.
It is a limited item:-)


The new fabrics of American Country 11 are now available!

I'm excited to announce that the new fabrics that Masako Wakayama designed are now finally available.

The theme of American Country 11 (AC11) is a "letter".

It will be an adorable mini quilt ( the size is 75x110cm) you will want to display year after year.
You can also cut each panel to make smaller projects. With the Eiffel tower, you can make a pouch..maybe with matryoshka dolls, you can cut into 3 pieces and make real small dolls!

Actually it was based on the quilt that Masako Wakayama made and was exhibited at the Tokyo Great International Quilt show last January.

It absolutely takes a long time to make the same one ( but you can with the new book that shows how to make it) , but with the printed fabric, it is quicker and easier!

The item number is 30241-10. A panel costs 975yen for an international customer.


after the exhibition

Today an usual quilt lesson at Kawasaki shop has begun again after the exhibition!
As they had worked on big quilts (coverlets) for a long time for the exhibit, they enjoyed making a small projects for a change!


I am a cat named Miu

I have appeared on the blog a couple of times.
I came to the Wakayama's when I was three months.
It has been 14 years since then....

I was taken a picture while I was taking a shower!
Since Ms.Wakayama seemed very busy with her exhibition, it was the first time in a long time to take a shower...I love it!


the exhibition 5: regional form card

You might have received an email of old posts from Blogger, as recently they had a problem..sorry!

During the exhibition, one of visitors brought us a regional card of Saitama prefecture.
It is Osenbei....have you ever seen it?

Osenbei is one of rice crackers, which have been loved for a long time by Japanese people..It really goes well with green tea!

headed for...

After the exhibition, everything got back to a normal life. Yesterday I gave a lesson at Ecole Printemps in Ginza.
From now I'm off to Osaka for another lesson by airplane.

the exhibition 4 : salesclerk

The Tokyu department store has lots of rules and info which we didn't know, so there was always a salesclerk from the department store to help us.

One of ladies bought our fabric and made a scrunchy to show to us during the exhibition!
Thank you:-)


the exhibition 3 : Anata to Watashi no Quilt

As most of you know, we are working on the quilt called "Anata to Watashi no Quilt" for Yoko who is a girl living in Ishinomaki where the earthquake and Tsunami struck on Mar.11.

At the exhibition, we asked visitors to make a block, if they liked.

It may come as a shock to you....Yoko came to our exhibition on the last day!

We were all surprised to hear from Yoko that she was going to come a couple of days before...also to know that there was already a way getting to Tokyo from Ishinomaki!
First she drove to Sendai which was a capital city of Miyagi prefecture. According to her, many roads were collapsed.. Then she took a bus from Sendai to Tokyo.

She told us that she was so happy getting blocks from us ( and you too!) and reconsidered that how wonderful having fabrics, needles and time for the quilt was.

Now her area is getting better, but there is always a long line to do anything...like withdrawing money, buying foods and things for daily use.

There was a box for making a donation and its total amount was 93750 yen, which all goes to Yoko.
She will help people with quilting using the money.

the exhibition 2 : pink ribbon activity

We had a space for the pink ribbon activity that we have worked on for 5-6 years.
On the first day Dr.Inoue came visit us to give a talk to visitors , which was about how important to take a check-up on a regular basis was.

Masako asked her students to make tapestries for making a donation.

The total amount was 133471 yen which all go to the pink ribbon activity and Dr. Inoue.
Thank you for joining us...don't forget a check-up!

the exhibition 1

Finally the exhibition at the Tokyu department store in Shibuya was over.
Thank you all for coming!

I would like to welcome you who could not make it, to the exhibition here!

This is an entrance...

keep on walking then you see this big signboard.

On the right hand side, many works from Masako's new book are exhibited. On the left hand side, there are some wagons to sell new products, such as the new fabric "American Country 11" and kits.

Let's go seeing 60 beautiful quilts that Masako's students made taking time and energy with their hearts.
Each represents their own style....all are wonderful!