Helping Japan

Most may know a very popular Finnish fabric company, Marimekko is our favorite.
We have been to Helsinki just to look for Vintage fabrics of Marimekko a few years ago...you see how much we like it!

They decided to design a special Unikko-patterned fabric bag to donate the proceeds from the sales of the bag to Japan through the Red Cross because of the natural disaster in March.

It was on sale last Friday, so we stopped by one of shops in Tokyo. But they told us that bags got sold out only in 10 minutes!

After that, they announced to sell more today. A shop of Marimekko is in Sapporo as well and one of our students offered to wait in a line to get it before it is open!

The special design consists of 3 colors which indicate blue from the Finnish national flag, red from the Japanese flag and white as their common color.

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