New kit available

A370  pouch with 3 pockets  2,200yen   10x17.5cm

This pouch has 3 pockets in front which might just look like decorations but they are real ones! You can carry different coins by groups and ...   

bills in a bigger pocket behind! If bills that you used were slightly bigger than the pocket, you could keep cards instead!


Please come by and see us at 18th European Patchwork

I'm not sure how many times we have participated in the show, but we will be waiting for you to come by with new things in September!

Duration: September 13-16
Our booth number: J76 (It looks almost the same place as we were last time.)

Hope to see many of you there!

Please click here to get further info.


New craft magazine "Coudre"

The new handy craft magazine "Coudre" has just come out. ( Coudre means "sewing" in French.)

It shows beautiful works, mainly clothes with well known fabric brands like Cabbages and Roses, Tilda and Moda.

There are some pieces that Masako made with her new fabric collection, American Country 12. (click here to get pictures of the fabrics.)

 You can browse the magazine by clicking here .



Recently I am in the mood for crochet so last week we invited a well known knitting and crochet artist, Kazuko Murabayashi to give a workshop at CRIB QUILT.

It was set ahead of time so I reeled the thread which I bought in Paris onto a piece of spool. I don't know what this tool is called in English but we used to do it often when we were children. Have you ever seen it? One of our colleagues brought it for me and it reminded me of my childhood! 

I'd been carrying some problems when doing crochet since I began, but as soon as she gave me tips, everything cleared like a blue sky with no clouds!  

All members of CRIB QUILT who were there enjoyed crochet over tea and coffee.

I started making a scarf.

Looks like it's getting bigger?


Hard to get in Japan

When we went to Paris in mid May, Claire took us to some yarn shops and bought many balls of yarn! Most of them are hardly possible to get in Japan ... the colors and textures are just wonderful. 

I'm wondering which one to use to make the new quilt for the next Tokyo Dome Show.
Imagining in my head is the best time of the process:-)

And maybe with the marble ones I will make a scarf for winter!

Handmade Shirt

At a lesson on Monday, one of our students came in this shirt which she actually made by hand using fabric that I designed.

Of course it perfectly fit her!

40047-71 1365yen/m     still available


Memory in Paris

An envelop from our German friend, Silvia arrived here today.
There was .....

this beautiful work with Punchneedle in a frame!
Right now she is absorbed in Punchneedle.

When we went to Paris last November we accidentally saw lots of balloons flying in the sky.

Thank you!