Workshop at Yoko's shop in Ishinomaki

We went to Ishinomaki on December 20th to give a workshop at Yoko's quilt shop.
It had been almost a half year since we visited it last time.

When we entered the shop, some of frequent customers were basting the fifth one of Anata to Watashino Quilt.

This quilt is special to Yoko. she assembled squares with crochet!

When the Europe trip in September, on the last day we gave a workshop to people of the Luxembourg Guild who supported people living in Ishinomaki with donations.
This is a sewing machine from Marc who is a member of it.
The tag was still on it as a special memory!

There was another sewing machine which was purchased using the donations from the Luxembourg Guild.

The workshop began ... We tried Punchneedle.
Some of ladies lost their everything. Their houses were washed away because of the Tsunami. They didn't hesitate to be open and talk about it which touched our hearts. How brave they were.


New fabrics from the US!

New fabrics from the US which would match your fabric collections, have arrived!

A02-446  1100yen per meter
Please note that the width of this fabric is 90cm which is smaller than usual ones(110cm).
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News from Ishinomaki

I assume many of you who check this blog on the regular basis remember that Yoko from Ishinomaki joined our quilt journey to Europe last September.

She met Marylene from Belgium and Claire from Paris who support Yoko and her customers living in Ishinomaki where the historical huge Tsunami struck, through projects called "Patch for Japan" and "Crochetons pour le Japon".

On the journey we were also invited for a cocktail party by the Luxembourg Guild. The members asked for donations and gave them to Yoko.

With the donation, Yoko placed an order for a sewing machine and it was delivered to her shop. This is the one.

It belongs to anyone who visits Yoko's quilt shop "NASA".
At her shop, there is another sewing machine working which was given from Marc of the Luxembourg Guild and was a personal belonging. 

5 big quilts were assembled by Yoko and her close customers with blocks that we gave to her. There were a few blocks left after making the 5 quilts, so she made mini quilts using them and gave as presents to people who live in temporary houses.

This is a picture of a hospital which Yoko gave one of the mini quilts to. 


lace lace lace!

Imported lace have arrived here. Pick it up for adding to your collections!
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Exhibition in Shanghai

Right after the trip to Paris, I went to Shanghai for a quilt exhibition which is held every November and called "China International Quilt & Hobby Craft 2011".

The number of visitors rose to 20000 people!

150 pieces of quilts from China, Korea, Taiwan, the US and Japan were exhibited. Yes, mine was also there.

I gave a workshop which many people attended, Thank you!