A few kits are added in the kits with English instructions' category.

Here are new kits which come with English instructions.
If you wish to have it, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp!

13M-3 One handle bag  3500yen

13M-6  16-patch tapestry  4500yen

13M-8  Button Pouch  1800yen

12M-3  Pouch with metal handle  1800yen 


Patchwork Tsushin No.175

Do you know one of Japanese Patchwork magazines, called "Patchwork tsushin"?
There is a page which shows Masako's new work.

When making a curving pattern, this interfacing is just perfect!
The directions are in the magazine, so please have a check.


Welcome to our Exhibition at Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Osaka

Our quilt exhibit on the 9th floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store located in the center of Osaka from June 5th through 7th.

We rented a big truck to transport 70-80 quilts that Masako's students in Tokyo made and decorations such as a bed, tables, chairs and antiques that she had bought in the US and Europe. While we were loading everything, a passer by asked us if we were moving.
It sure looked like we were.

Hankyu Umeda Main Store had been renovating their building for the past 7 years and it was finally finished last fall. We rented a huge hall that was really beautiful! It was the first time a quilt exhibition had been held there.

As you can see, our students take quilting seriously and consider it a labor of love.

Here is a selection of quilts from the exhibition .

An exquisite Baltimore Album quilt. It was well quilted, although time consuming.
But that's why it looks gorgeous.

This quilt was inspired by a trip to Germany.

This quilt is a fine example of mixed crochet and piecing.

Beautiful patterns. If you look closely, you will notice many sequins on the edges of this quilt.

Amish quilt. A reflection of the Amish lifestyle, this consists of solid fabrics.

In addition to enjoying the quilts, we had workshops about dried flower arrangements, eco craft, quikts and cartonnage.

CRIB QUILT continues to support Campaigns which raise awareness of breast cancer and  some doctors and volunteer groups gave talks.

Each day Masako told the stories about behind the quilts.

I went upstairs to take pictures looking down the hall.
They looked like a miniature house.

We are so grateful to our wonderful and dedicated students whose hard work made this exhibition such a success. 

I hope you enjoyed our exhibition!  


The new issue of "Coudre" is on sale

The 2nd issue of Coudre is now on sale.

It is published by Nihon Vogue.
There are 4 pages showing some works using Masako's new fabric line, American Country 13 and you can get some free patterns included in there.

There are so many other nice projects such as bags, pouches and clothes with the popular fabrics, CABBAGES & ROSES, Tilda, SOULEIADO, French General and Cath Kidston.

It is available at CRIB QUILT, so if you wish to get the issue, please send an email to me at office@crib.co.jp. .


Masako Wakayama Workshop in Singapore

It will be our 2nd time to give a workshop in Singapore.
Here is a detail below.
Please come join us!

Masako Wakayama 1-day-workshop
duration: July 26th or 27th  9am-5pm
place: Singapore Swimming Club
          45 Tanjong Rhu Road Singapore 436899

If you wish to have further info, please contact Sing Mui Heng.
Here is their website .


Bottega Veneta

Masako likes an Italian leather label, Bottega Veneta very much.
Last Friday after work, we went to the Isetan department store located in Shinjuku, which is the most popular one in Japan, I guess.

There is a fair to promote Bottega Veneta World Exclusive For Isetan.

Look at their craftsmanship. A piece of leather which goes to a side of a bag has many cuts to put through leather strips of leathers by hand.

They said it is so limited to make one of those bags and only 20 bags are produced in a day.