The Second Crib Quilt Asia Tour 2016 -Hong Kong-

It was a thrill for us to give workshops in Hong Kong for the first time.

The organizer, Tailor and Alteration Needlework Club, was originally established as a tailor shop, by a lady called Susan, in 1993.

Now Susan's son and her sister's daughter are taking over the business and shifting it into a hand craft store.
The one in charge of our workshop was Sherry with an adorable six month old baby, Nana.

We gave one day workshops at their store from the 28th to the 30th of October.
Each workshop was full and we mainly worked on punch needle and applique.
The students were all experienced and enthusiastic to learn new techniques and absorb fresh ideas.

Esther was our interpreter. Actually she is not a quilter, but was very quick to understand what Masako was trying to say!

One student brought a book to be autographed.

We had never seen the Chinese version of the new book "Quilts for Living"!

Group photos. They all look pretty happy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

We prepared secret gifts for three persons each day.
The way of choosing the lucky three was Rock Paper Scissors.

Everybody got so excited! 

What people say about Hong Kong cuisine was absolutely correct.

There must be no need to explain how good they are by looking at photos above.
Everything tasted excellent and made us want to go back very soon. So addictive!

One of the famous sites in Hong Kong is the night view along the ocean.

From the left to the right, Esther, Sherry, Nana, Masako, Sherry's mother and me in the house panel apron.
Thank you very much, Sherry, for a wonderful time!



Susannah Hunter

I have been a huge fan of Susannah Hunter for a long time.
It must have been more than 10 years since I saw one of her bags at a boutique, H.P. France, in Tokyo.

The highlight of my stay in London was to visit her shop!

I didn't expect that Susannah would be in the shop. So special!

I could not find a bag which I already had checked on her website and secretly decided to buy.
I asked if it was sold out and her staff member, Rachel, told me that they could make it especially for me! We were 8 ladies in total and personally ordered six bags!!

Then something miraculous happened. They offered to show us their basement studio.
It was such a wonderful opportunity to see behind the scenes where gorgeous works are produced! 

There were many pieces in progress. 

It was right before lunch and I asked them if there was a nice restaurant in the neighborhood. Susannah recommended an Italian restaurant next door.
The owner of the restaurant and she have become close and she immediately reserved a table for us!

I found it very surprising that some designs of her collections came from a menu of the restaurant. Isn't it lovely?!

They promised that the six bags would be delivered in one month ...
Then exactly one month later, we received them with a note from her! So sweet!

Could I be any happier??



Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 5

The first day in London. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.

We visited The Knitting & Stitching Show!

There were many booths selling mainly yarns and embroidery products.
The four hour shopping time just flew by.

See everybody carrying a big shopping bag with a smile!

In the afternoon we went to Liberty of London.

A gorgeous exterior with plaster walls and woods looks lovely.

From the first basement to the fourth floor beautifully selected items including our favorite fabric "Liberty" were on sale.

The London Eye is one of London's symbolic sites.

It is an observation wheel which shows you a spectacular view with a 30 minute ride.
One capsule allows 30 persons to get on at one time and we could have it all to ourselves.

River Thames and Big Ben at dusk.
It was very special!



Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 4

The last day in Dublin.

In the morning we visited Saint Patick's Cathedral.

The look of the sky shows the typical weather of Ireland in autumn.

Then we went to the Library of Trinity College, University of Dublin to see The Book of Kells.
The library's history dates back to the establishment of the College in 1592 and it is the largest library in Ireland.

The main room of the old library has more than 200,000 printed volumes !

We wandered around central Dublin.

How beautifully the leaves are changing their colors!



Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 3

One morning in Galway.
It was not raining, but gloomy, and the wind was still strong.

In the morning a knitting workshop was held on the second floor of  a cafe.

The teacher was Anne O'Maille, owner of the beautiful O'Maille's yarn shop located on the main shopping street of Galway.

There are so many styles of knitting. Many of our students including our staff are knowledgeable about knitting; but Anne taught us a totally different way of casting on, using a knit and purl method! This way of casting on was an eye opener to all of us!

We tried a couple of different knitting patterns. They came out nice!

Since the venue was on the second floor of a cafe, a nice aroma was spreading around while we were knitting. At noon finally the lunch time has come! There were three choices and I chose a salad with quinoa and lentil. 

We left Galway in the afternoon and headed to Dublin by bus.

We had dinner at a pub in Dublin.

You must try Guiness at least one time!

A special event was waiting for us.
The travel agency invited Irish dancers who showed their wonderful talent!  

While we were watching how fast their legs could move, they suddenly asked for some volunteers to join their dance!

I felt as though I was a dancer in a school play! But it was so much fun.



Crib Quilt Tour To Ireland And London 2

This was the highlight of the stay in Ireland and mattered most if it was good weather.
We left the hotel at 9 am to enjoy the view from the cliffs on Inishmore Island.

A seven minute flight by a small airplane, Cessna, brings you to the island.

It only fits 10 people! Big sounds and moves make you a little bit nervous, but it was so much fun and felt like an adventure.

The island consists of rocks. Every road is rocky, lumpy and rough. But there was nothing but just walking up to the top in order to see fantastic views!

On the way up we saw a herd of cows looking so comfortable sleeping or eating grass, which was a treat to the eyes. Look at the pretty yellow bird above. He was in a good mood and sang a beautiful song for us!

The wind blew strongly that day. But it looks calm and peaceful, doesn't it?

There you are! You are now on the highest point of the island!

It was so scary to approach the edge of the cliff because of the strong wind. I found it very surprising that there was no fence on the edge! I felt the powerful Atlantic Ocean was going to swallow me up. Although Masako looks pretty happy!

We had lobster for lunch at a restaurant on the island. It was really a nice taste. We highly recommend visiting the island!