American Country 17

American Country is a fabric collection that Masako Wakayama has been curating for the past 17 years. One collection is added annually. 

The main theme of the new collection "American Country 17" is  Plant Encyclopedia.

31500-70  75x110cm  1300 JPY/panel
The panel looks like a front cover of a book showing you flowers and little creatures living in nature. Masako needs reading glasses and always enjoys a cup of tea when reading books.
You see these motifs at the bottom. 

The original design actually comes from a quilt that she made and was published in a magazine, Quilt Country No.52 by a french publisher "les editions de saxe". The quilt is beautifully and intricately appliqued and embroidered. 

If you purchase the panel fabric from us, we will be happy to give you this free bag pattern.

Here are some other fabrics from the collection.

31505-70  60x110xm 720JPY/panel

Flowers pots are lined up on the bottom of this design. It can be used for a kitchen curtain, an apron or anything you like.

In this design a bee is flying from one hexagonal flower to another.
One panel measures 60 x 110 cm and you will get a free bag pattern when you purchase this fabric from us!

cotton print 1200JPY/m

cotton print  1200JPY/m

cotton print  1200JPY/m

yarn dyed cotton  1600JPY/m 

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