The Third Crib Quilt Asia Tour 2016 -Jakarta-

How long have we known this lovely couple, Dessy and Yos ....

Dessy has had a great passion for quilting and invited us to give workshops a couple of times. There is always so much to talk about when we see each other. This photo was taken while having lunch at a Syabu Syabu restaurant before setting up at a venue in our hotel.

We gave one day workshops on the 5th and the 6th of November.

At the beginning Masako talked about her quilts and some works from her books.

Her dress is made with a panel from last year's fabric collection.
It is gorgeous and looks beautiful on her.

It is a terrific idea to applique an image of our sunbonnet sue pouch kit on a finished day pack.

Group Photos.

Day 1

Day 2

From left to right, Masako, Dessy, Dessy's brother, his wife, me and Dessy's mother.
We laughed so hard because the apron really suited Dessy's brother!

We got so excited at the workshop in Hong Kong when we chose three lucky persons to receive a gift by Rock Paper Scissors. So we were going to do the same here and were surprised that people in Indonesia barely knew it! So we tried the new thing.
It is called Amidakuji or Ghost Leg. 
Masako drew some lines like ladders and the students eack picked one line on which to write their name.

Then we unfold the left part. There are three flowers on the edge of only three lines, which leads to the lucky three. 

At first they looked puzzled, but soon they seemed to enjoy it!

We thank Dessy and Yos for a wonderful time!


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