Flood in Bangkok

As most of you know, the flood in Thailand is stretching out even into Bangkok.

For the last 3-4 years, we have given a few workshops in Bangkok with a huge help of Pao's and her husband Kob, and we could make a lot of friends.

In the end of March, right after the natural disaster struck the north of Japan, we gave a workshop where many attendees gave us blocks of "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" and donations as if it happened in their country, which touched our hearts deeply.

According to Kob, parts in blue are already flooded.
The center of Bangkok is still in white, which means it is not affected yet, but water is approaching from many directions.

They live in a district called Bang Kapi and water is just 20 km away from there.

The end of the month will be the key, as they say the sea level will reach the highest point around the time.

We all hope everything will get back to normal as soon as possible.

BBC says
Prime Minister calls it "national crisis" and says "It will be impossible to protect all of the capital from flooding because of a build-up of water to the north."
And the new government led to confusion over the real level of threat to Bangkok.

Everything started with a heavy monsoon rain that began in July.
It has been already 3 months.

Here I would like to share some photos sent from Kob.

It damages its industry and agriculture so there will be something that we can help them with.

We will keep you posted!


New Autumn/Winter Collection Fabrics and Notions

This line will be perfect for making something for Christmas ... It is not too early to work on it!

A02-440   1400yen/m

image of 50x50cm

A02-441  1400yen/m

image of 50x55cm


image of 50x55cm


C235   800yen


A93-18  500yen

With piecing paper, it will be much easier to piece fabrics. You don't need to take it out after completing top, as it is washable!
The mini book has 5 patterns, here are 2 examples.

A roll of piecing paper is economical. (30cmx10m)  1800yen

10 A4-sized sheets for a beginner!   540yen



New Autumn/ Winter collection 2011

The new collection has been released!
Please check below and email me at office@crib.co.jp if you find something that you like!


40cm (diameter)
3,800 yen


2,800 yen




12x20cm ( when it's closed)
Dad 10x5cm





Flood in Thailand

As there are lots of factories in Ayutthaya of big Japanese companies like HONDA, CANON and TOYOTA, we often hear the news about a flood in Thailand, which is getting serious , worse and spreading into Bangkok as well.


Masako's been worried and keeping an eye on it, because we have many Thai friends and customers.

Hope it gets better very soon.

class at Sapporo

Masako is in Sapporo ( the north of Japan) for her quilt class.

We plan to do an exhibition in Sapporo next June, so students already worked on making their big quilts to be exhibited!

This is the first person to bring a finished top. They all helped to place batting and backing underneath and tack them together with pins:-) 


Pink Ribbon Campaign

Weaving baskets using strips of recycled paper

This is the 2nd day of the show "Pink Ribbon Campaign" at the Nihombashi Takashimaya department store.
I would like to introduce the 2nd artist to you today.

We call it "Eco Craft", as I assume it comes from using strips of recycled paper, is very popular in Japan.

Akemi Furuki is one of well known Eco Craft artists and has published some books so far.

It is eco-friendly and pretty carrying around:-)


Eggshell Sculptures and Carvings

CRIB QUILT participates in an event held at Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store, which is for raising an awareness of breast cancer and called "Pink Ribbon Campaign, Exhibition of 5 artists". Masako is one of them!
It has just started today till 18th (Tue).

Today I would like to introduce one of artists, Yasuko Inoue who does Eggshell Sculptures and Carvings.

Please look at those intricate and exquisite works. She uses different eggs like a Japanese Quail and Ostrich.

Tomorrow she will give a workshop in the morning and afternoon at the department store. Here is a sample.


How comfy the quilt is!

Autumn ... what a beautiful season ... Ummmm I like this comfy quilt!

Japanese Red Cross Ishinomaki Hospital

While we were in Europe last month, Yoko's mother got an offer from Japanese Red Cross Ishinomaki Hospital to exhibit quilts of "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" for a limited duration.

Hope those powerful quilts will be seen by patients and their families.

Later an article was on a local paper.

I'm sure all of your messages were sent to ones suffered from the natural disaster.


workshop for the Luxembourg Patchwork Guild

On the last day of our trip, in the morning we packed everything, later we visited a community center to give a workshop to the Luxembourg Patchwork Guild.

We met Sonia who is a member of the group when we first gave a workshop at Marylene's 3 years ago.

It might be unusual, but they have a male quilter, who is Marc. He is incredibly kind and has a generous heart!

After the workshop, a small party began.

We had never seen it before, called "Surprise cake". It is called a cake, but in fact it is sandwiches. We don't know what's inside, that's why it is called so.

The guild has about 80 members. After the disaster struck in Japan, they raised donation for Yoko and people living in Ishinomaki.


In the morning of Sep 19th, we said good bye to Paulette and Gerard then headed home in Luxembourg.

As a twist (because we had never done last 2 times), on the way home, we stopped by Strasbourg which is a capital city of Alsace region.

What beautiful historical architecture!
We had lunch at one of restaurants in the old town, actually the building was leaning ahead. It felt so weird, as first we could not see if we were leaning, or that was.
It must take a lot of effort to keep them in the original condition, but that's why it was so special.

We also went to the cathedral.

Beautiful design ... maybe I can use it for my work:-)