Deep into the night

When we travel other countries, we run across a cultural gap which is definitely one of pleasures of those travels.

We find greetings different from the way Japanese do. ( you will easily find a Japanese person, even in a crowd at an international airport, as we like to bow:-)))

Sonia from Luxembourgish Quilt Guild invited us for dinner. It was an amazing restaurant. We all enjoyed the night very much!

Sonia told us that we should order fish dishes, so with limited info in French on the menu, we had this.

Personally I (Emi) missed rice so it was perfect!

Melissa, Marylene's daughter ordered it as an entree, that was a plate of scallop carpaccio, looked so Japanese. She was so sweet that I could try it! It was delicious!

It was almost 11pm ... but nobody was going to say "Let's call it a night! " ... Everybody was so enthusiastic and energetic!
So we found European took a long time to say GOOD BYE, which we love:-)
They give hugs and kisses, which seems not to end!

We think that it is one of beautiful customs.

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