"Sutekini Handmade" January issue 2015

"Sutekini Handmade" is a handcraft TV program aired by the Japanese National Public Broadcasting Organization, NHK.

They also publish a textbook to assist viewers in making projects as shown on their programs.

The textbook has another serial section(not aired,textbook only) where Masako's creations appear for three months.

Over the three months period, from January to March, Masako teaches how to make a tapestry using seven different blocks.
Three patterns are shown in the January issue.

You see the finished tapestry in the bottom right hand corner of the photo below.
Each block will be assembled by crocheting.

A different creation, using one of the basic patterns of the month, is shown each month.
A pouch, with the bobbin pattern, is shown for the month of January,

Here are the links for both the TV program and the textbook.
TV program



Quilts in progress

Our quilt exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka will be held next May.
All of our students are currently working on their new quilts.

Flower appliques

Simple nine patches with stenciled blocks

This is an interesting block using log cabin and flying geese patterns.

It's always fun to baste a big top with friends.
The maker of this quilt has a strict rule that she only uses fabrics designed by Masako in it.

A pattern called "Around the World". I want to know why it's called this.

Let's not miss the chance to see the finished ones at our exhibition!



Quilt Japan 2015 January vol.160

The new issue of Quilt Japan is in stores now.
Masako's creation appears in the bag section.

Stenciled blocks are well blended with pieced blocks.


Magic Patch's special edition featuring "Quilt Japan"

At the beginning of last December a package, including this magazine, arrived in our mailbox. I was wondering whether or not I had ordered it because Magic Patch is a French magazine published by Les editions de saxe, a French handcraft publishing company.

I turned it over and something caught my eye.
They were photos of needle cases that Masako made for the past issue of Quilt Japan!

And I found that it featured one of issues of a Japanese quilt magazine called Quilt Japan. Here is their website to get further info!




Annual trip to Ishinomaki

We wish all of you a bright and happy new year!

Some stories that I am going to post are about what happened last year, but I hope you enjoy them!

Since the Tsunami, March 11th 2011, we have visited Yoko's quilt shop in Ishinomaki at least once a year. Masako cannot forget what Yoko's mother once said to her, "Please don't forget about us and what happened here."

Some students were familiar and some were new.

They all seemed to like the Christmas tapestry project.

Upon arriving at the store, we found a great seafood feast awaiting us!

Squid sashimi

Abalone sashimi

Stewed whale

The good news was that most of the students were able to find new places to live and could leave their temporary housing.

Some promised to come to Tokyo Dome Show!