Workshop at Tokyo Dome Show 2013

We have an awful lot of things to do for the upcoming show held at TOKYO DOME!
New lovely kits will come out, if you go there, please don't forget to stop by our booth, A-5.

The show asked some Japanese quilt artists to give lessons and Masako will teach Punchneedle on the 26th of January (Saturday) from 2 to 4pm.

Emi will be there so if you are an English speaker, please join us for the lesson!
Here is the info. http://www.gakusyu-forum.net/event/quilt/fes2013.php

The wesbite is all written in Japanese, so it is a pleasure to help you with its translation.


One of Masako's books has come out in Korean!

It is the first time we have had one of Masako's books published in Korean!

If you are a Korean reader, please click it to get further info! 

New things arrived in the store!

We can not believe that we only have almost 3 weeks left this year.
Once the new year "2013" begins, there is the biggest quilt show in Japan, called  Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival . So we are now busy with preparations ... New kits will come out. You will love them!

Lately we have new fabrics, buttons and laces arriving in the store. If you find something you like, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp !

A02-475  1400yen/m

A02-476  1400yen/m

A02-477 1400yen/m

L-09(10mm)  180yen/m

L-10(15mm)  150yen/m

L-11(27mm)  200yen/m

9mm 25yen/psc

10mm  35yen/psc

11mm  40yen/psc

13mm 50yen/psc

15mm  65yen/psc

18mm  70yen/psc


At Yoko's quilt shop

As one of annual events, we visited Ishinomaki to give a lesson at Yoko's quilt shop, NASA, at the end of November.

Once we opened its door, students and wonderful homemade meals, were waiting for us to arrive!

After having lunch with all of them (time quickly passed by chatting!), we began the lesson to make a pouch!

We have to introduce this adorable girl to you :-)
She is a granddaughter of one of the students and one and 3 months old. Her name is Mei.

She could play by herself with some pictures books and toys ... but her favorite was my smart phone. She seemed to know how to use it already!

Many of the students could finish the top of the pouch and looked happy to take them home.
Some of them still live in a temporary house as they lost their houses because of tsunami.
A town looked like getting back to normal, but they still have a lot of issues which are unsolved yet. Most importantly we should not forget about the tsunami and them.