While we were in Bangkok...

We went to Bangkok from Mar.24th till 30th, in the meantime, many blocks for the quilt called Anata to Watashi no Quilt were delivered to CRIB QUILT from Japan and Portugal.

Some asked their families and other asked their friends to make a block...
It is a very circle of friends!

These are from a Portuguese friend, Ana whom we met when we visited Portugal last September.

Thank you for joining in.

the last weekend workshop in Bangkok

Last weekend we gave a workshop at the Windsor Suites Hotel in Bangkok for the first time in the year.
We had 59 students on the first day and 54 students on the second.
The project was a bag with applique and they seemed to enjoy it.

I brought my newest quilt which was first exhibited at the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival last January, and other 2 old quilts of mine.

Pao's staff helped us a lot! They were very hard-working...thank you so much for an assistance.
That was my fourth time to work with an interpreter called Pussadee san.
We were a perfect match!

It was great seeing all of them. Arigato!


We are heading for Bangkok!

Pao and I have planned to give a workshop in Bangkok at the weekend way ahead of time.

We have been talking a lot if we could do this after the earthquake and tunami happened.

Fortunately the way from here to the Narita airport hasn't shut off besides our flight seems to depart as planned.

I would like to tell the current situation of Japan to all of students in Bangkok.
Look forward to meeting you!

Ms. Sanae Kono

I visited an exhibition of Ms.Sanae Kono who is one of very well known Japanese quilters, at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store, which has just started yesterday.

As you know, Japan was struck by the incredible natural disaster.
We talked that the quilt would be needed in such a time..

Wonderfully beautiful quilts that she has made for 30 years are exhibited on the 8th floor. Please check it out.

Ms.Kono and me

Finished blocks are delivered

Some finished blocks for the quilt called " Anata to Watashi no Quilt" from Japan are delivered to CRIB QUILT.

One of them was a man who did patchwork for the first time in his life!

Thank you!


From Thailand

Yesterday one of our friends, living in Bangkok, called Pao sent some pictures of patterns and who were making!

Thank you so much for joining this project.

Also the first finished piece (block) was delivered to CRIB QUILT from a lady living in Kanagawa prefecture, with a thoughtful card.


From Marylene

Last night Marylene from Belgium sent pictures of patterns and who made by email.
We have visited her shop two years ago, so there were familiar faces in the picture.
We are far away..but our hearts must be in the same place.
Merci beaucoup


Anata to Watashi no Quilt

On March 11th, the earthquake called Tohoku-Kanto earthquake and tsunami happened.

We tried contacting our friends living in Miyagi and Fukushima immediately then we had been waiting to hear from them.

In the meantime, we got lots of emails from friends all over the world to make sure if we were fine.

The circle of quilt friends... What we can do for people in Miyagi and Fukushima has been still limited..but we have been thinking if there is anything that we can help them with.

Then we got an email from Marylene who is a quilt shop owner in Belgium so we asked her to send something handmade.

She just visited Japan (Tokyo) for checking the International Great Quilt Festival this January.

She suggested doing a friendship quilt with signatures. We liked the idea!

First we made patterns then took a picture of them and sent by email.

We are not sure how this goes, but would like you to make a pattern with all your heart.

We dedicate it to our friends.

The dimension of the pattern is 10x10cm.

Please write on the white fabric in any languages with a black permanent pen,
* messages
* name
* nationality
* date

If you could join us, please send to

CRIB QUILT :577 Nakamaruko Nakahara Kawasaki 2110012 Japan

We are not in a hurry so please take your time...it would be appreciated to put a picture of you as well when you mail patterns!

We would like to call this quilt "Anata to Watashi no Quilt". It means the quilt for you and me in Japanese.


The new website is revealed!

At last our new website got revealed this afternoon.
Hope you all like it.

Yesterday we started selling our new fabric line called AMERICAN COUNTRY HOMESPUN which are perfectly beautiful to make clothes.

Especially I would like to recommend this panel fabric.

40049-10 780yen/panel
You may think you can make these patterns on your own, but when you want to make a handmade birthday present for your friends, or make cushions and mats that get easily dirty or worn out, this will help you a lot!!

How about these bags using it?

A359 2200yen(kit)
it doesn't come with a lining, so you need another fabric 60x110cm
A358 2800yen (kit)

You can check out these here, but again, if you like them, please directly place an order via email to office@crib.co.jp


New fabric line

Tomorrow we will launch new Masako Wakayama's fabric line called "American Country Homespun" on our shopping site in Japanese.

It will go well with making clothes, not to mention, go perfectly with patchwork as well!

Here is a magazine called Sewing Pochee where some projects using this fabric are shown.

sewing pochee vol.11

You can browse the magazine a bit, here !

If international customers would like to see all fabrics of the line, please contact me at



We exhibit projects from the new book which will come out in the end of April 2011, also about 60 quilts that our students made.
duration: May 5-10, 10am-7pm ( the last day:closed at 5pm)
place: Tokyu department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
fee: free
the newest quilt

the 2nd meeting of the exhibition.

We had a meeting about our upcoming exhibition with people from the Tokyu department store.

It went very well!


Regional Form Cards

I hadn't known this card until one of my French friends living in Tokyo told me about it.

Japan has 47 prefectures.
Post office in each prefecture sells a postcard shaped like foods and tourist spots representing its own culture and history.
Besides each card is available only in its prefecture!
I often go business traveling so that I am going to collect these!
The first commemorable prefecture is Hokkaido, as I went there for lessons.

Here is further info !