Masako's new fabric collection "American Country 15"

The main theme of the new collection is "stencilling".
The designs come from what Masako actually stenciled.

The main panel of fabric (31100-10,-70   \840+tax/p)

A panel of fabric measures 60x110cm.
We carefully chose the material to give it an American country look.

It's made of cotton with a rough texture.

The second panel of fabric 31101-10,-30,-70,-71,-77   \1,400+tax/m

The same material as the main panel of fabric are used for these second panels.
We made dresses and aprons with them; so please come to visit us in Osaka!

31102-20,-22,-30,-70,-71,-77 \1,200+tax/m

I find this design very unique. Masako stencilled those patchwork patterns which were then applied to the fabric!

31103-10,-70,-71,-77,-80,-90   \1,200+tax/m

Masako uses a lot of solid fabrics recently, especially for stencilling, embroidery and applique.
They have tape measure design for the border on both sides of the fabric.

Dots 31104-20,-30,-70,-71, -72,-77  \1,100+tax/m

Checks 31105-20,-30,-70,-77, \1,100+tax/m

Those dots and checks are our signature designs. 

31210-01,-02,-03, \1,500+tax/m

31211-01,-02,-03, \1,500+tax/m

31212-01,-02,-03, \1,500+tax/m

31213-01,-02,-03, \1,500+tax/m

Our yarn-dyed fabrics are always quite popular.
I highly recommend the 31212 and 31213 series because those designs are created by weaving.

For this reason, these designs will always be straight on the fabric grain.

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