Aomori prefecture

Aomori prefecture is located in the north of Japan, whose popular fruit is an apple!
Here are its regional form postcards.


The first day in Osaka

Our exhibition held at the Hankyu department store in Osaka has begun today.
I thank all of visitors to come, as it was so hot like already summer arrives in a rainy season.
I will be here till Sunday, so please come visit me!



We've received a package from International Quilt Festival yesterday which included a catalogue.

Where we found.......

Our class!
Ms.Maggie Backman who is an organizer of a group called The Silk Experience , coordinates many various classes with SILK  at Houston.
This will be our 2nd try. Last time we showed how to do punchneedle with Silk embroidery thread "Soie et" with Gail's help ( who is an owner of Gail Bird/ Birdhouse Enterprises ).
The next time, as a twist, we will show to cut the loops to make it fluffier then paint it with dyes.
Gail will be with us to loan the punchneedles to students!

Hope to see you at 2pm on Nov 2:-)


Sushi restaurant

Last night we went to a sushi restaurant called "Yayoi-Zushi" in our neighborhood for having dinner.
A son of the owner has lived in Italy to study Italian cuisine, so we can have a 7-course dinner that comes with Italian and sushi plates!

A picture with the owner:-)


Lesson in Sapporo

For a lesson of the month, we use a different room in a restaurant from the usual room.

It's nice to see flowers in a garden in front of the room and we can have much sunshine!

Pedestrians somehow stop to look at our lesson:-)


It has been so hot here, in Kawasaki. Today it goes up till 32 degrees with sticky humidity.
Besides we have a problem of the nuclear power plant so that we try not to use electricity as much as we can ...but finally we gave in. We could not resist to put on an air conditioner after 2 pm!

We have some additions to our collection. Thank you so much for friends/customers who purchased them for us!





shopping mall

I've just arrived at Sapporo for lessons next 2 days.
A big shopping mall is at the next station to the airport one, so I stopped by.
We can buy things at savings of 20-50% discount! I'm in the middle of shopping now!


Baked daunuts

In Japan Mister daunts is a quite popular chain doughnuts store, which is similar to Dunkin' Donuts in the US.
Their latest doughnuts are baked ones. They are not deep-fried, which cut excess calories! And taste great!


Quilt show in Alsace region, France

We are happy to announce you all that we participate in the quilt show in Alsace, France this September.
The show is called "European Patchwork" and has a selection of more than 1000 antique traditional and contemporary works from all over the world.

This will be our third try:-))) We look forward to seeing customers whom we met last two times and also new ones!

Our booth number is J83.
Please note that we will not be in the white tent this time!

The duration is from Sep 15th till 18th.

Here is a list  of vendors. Please find us! 


new fabric

A new domestic fabric printed by Le cien arrived here today!

It is not what Masako's designed, but seems to go well with American country.
We love the light blue gray color!

It costs 880 yen per a meter...don't miss it!


Yoko has come to CRIB QUILT

Yoko living in Ishinomaki came to CRIB QUILT for the first time in a long time!
We talked about each other over lunch with CRIB QUILT ladies.

She and her mother work part-time at the same corner store with no days off.
In the meantime they open their quilt shop from 10am till 5pm!

It is getting better, but it is not easy to say, as they are all in different situations.
The area where she lives called Ishinomaki was not offered any of donation that Japanese red cross society gathered.

She always has an attractive smile on her face, which gives us so much power!


turn our blog into a book!

We use a free service that Nifty provides for our Japanese blog.
They offer a service to turn a blog into a book so we asked them to make ours!

Open a book then you see Contents...

And the inside looks like this.

It is a good idea, moreover by turning it into a book, our memories become more precious!
The duration is from the first day till May 15..so we look forward to making another one soon.


yesterday published

Yesterday a magazine called "Living with Linen & Cotton vol.7" was published where Masako's new works using her new fabric line of "American Country 11" were shown.

We will begin to sell it soon so please contact me at office@crib.co.jp. , if you are interested.
It is 1200 yen for an international customer.

Browse it,  here  more!


solo exhibition

One of our Thai friends, Kob who always helps us when we give a workshop in Bangkok is a teacher of one of universities in Bangkok. He teaches Art.

As he gets retired in September 2011, he has his last solo exhibition called "The story of Colours" that already begun on June 8 in Bangkok.

His watercolor paintings are colorful ( as in a title) and beautiful...enjoy photos!

I have a piece of his hanging on a wall in my room:-)


The first finished quilt

Take a look at it! What a nice quilt!
We got this picture from Yoko and she told us that she finished the first quilt with blocks from ones who joined the activity "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)".

She is now piecing blocks to make the fourth quilt!
Yoko, her friends and customers get together to make the quilts..how beautiful it is!


This fall

We are asked to give a workshop at a quilt festival in Houston, US in November by Maggie who is an organizer of a group called "Silk Experience".

We will do it on Nov.2.
Actually we don't have much info, so we will give you the details more later!


Portuguese plate

Last summer we went to Portugal with our dear friend Catarina living in Luxembourg, as Portugal is her home country.

When we found this plate at a Portuguese porcelain store, immediately we loved it!

After returning to Japan, we used it every day but somehow accidentally the plate slipped from our hands.

In January when Catarina stayed at our house for about a week, we told her the story and how sorry we were .

Yesterday we happened to receive a package which she sent us when she visited her parent's house in Portugal in the beginning of the month! The same plate was in there as a gift!

We didn't know how we could express our feeling with words...THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We sent her email to say Thank you and she wrote us back to tell us that the plate reminded her of us, when she found it!

business dinner

We had a meeting over dinner at a restaurant in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
It is our favorite one called " Aen". http://www.mosdining.co.jp/aen/
Their vegetable plates are fantastic!

The meeting was about the pink ribbon activity that we have worked on for several years.
We have some events in October, so we talked about the details.

We will announce more when October approaches.


We almost reached the half of 47 prefectures

Our students and customers know that we are collecting the regional form cards that are sold at every post office in Japan.

Sometimes they hand the new one to us or mail ones with orders!

Thank you for thinking of us!

We would like to share 5 prefectures with you today. You might be able to know about Japan better:-)







fabrics from the US

Beautiful fabrics from Moda ( American fabric company) have arrived at CRIB QUILT.








It is 1400yen per meter. Please contact me at office@crib.co.jp if you are interested!