Save your shipping cost by using "Registered Air Small Packet"

When you place an international order, you might hesitate because of those expensive shipping costs.
We primarily use a postal service called EMS which provides fast and safe service.
Their use of tacking numbers enables you to follow the journey of your package via the internet.

And Japan Post offers a new service "Registered Air Small Packet".

If your package is under 2kg, you will save up to 32% off. 
(The weight must be UNDER 2kg to qualify.)

Taking a 1500g package as an example,



EMS 2 days 2400 yen
↓ 20% OFF!
Registered Air Small Packet  6 days 1920yen


EMS 3 days 3700 yen
↓  32% OFF!
Registered Air Small Packet 6 days 2525 yen


EMS 3 days 3200 yen
↓ 21% OFF!
Registered Air Small Packet 6 days 2525 yen

Please feel free to inquire about our shipping method!


Patchwork Tsushin vol.181 August 2014

The new issue of Patchwork Tsushin was released yesterday in whick some of Masako's work appears over four (4) pages.

The featured technique is stencil. One of the templates she used in here is available at Patchwork Tushinsya publishing company's mail order and CRIB QUILT.
It is so unique that she didn't quilt any works, instead using interfacing to make them three-dimensional.

There are many other wonderful projects in the issue.
Personally I liked one called "Modern Quilt" which only used solid fabrics to make simple and traditional patterns.

Here is their website.



Mini workshops in Sapporo

Our third event of the year is approaching.
It will be held on the 9th floor of the Sapporo Tokyu department store where you will see bed coverlet size quilts made by students in Sapporo and Tokyo, including Masako's latest quilt and some projects using her new fabric collection "American Country 14".

We have had good feedback on the mini workshops in Shibuya and Osaka so we decided to arrange ones in Sapporo as well.

Quilting is not the only technique offered.
Some will be finished during a workshop and some are ones with which you will acquire advanced embroidery skills.

Hokkaido (Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido ) will be absolutely gorgeous in July!
Many visitors enjoy the breathtaking lavender fields, the beauty of rural landscapes, fresh vegetables and seafood of good quality.

I will report on the exhibition here!


Eco craft         and     Punchneedle

Embroidery                                        Stencil                              Stencil and Cartonnage


"Coudre" in French

Yesterday a package was delivered to the store and contained a copy of "Coudre" as a sample, republished by a French publishing company called "Les editions de saxe". (website)

 Some works using Masako's fabrics appeared over 4 pages.

Actually I have recommended this Japanese version of the article on this blog 2 years ago.
(click here)

Unfortunately these works were made when American Country 12 was launched and there is none of this fabric left anymore.
But I believe it includes some directions and diagrams, so if you are a French speaker, please make similar ones that you like!



More kits with English directions

13W-1  6,000JPY

13W-2  3,800JPY

13W-3  3,500JPY

13W-4  3,200JPY

13W-5  2,200JPY

14M-1  6,000JPY

14M-2  6,000JPY

14M-3  1,300JPY


Masako is invited to the first international quilt festival in Norway in September!

Masako is invited for the first international quilt festival called "Norwegian Quiltfestival 2014" in Norway in September. (website)

The organisers are all quilt shop owners living in Norway.
Quiltefryd In Tønsberg owned by Åsne Kostveit, 
Kathrines Quiltestue in Oslo owned by Kathrine Luthen and
Quiltegården in Trondheim owned by Siw Elisabeth Mikkelsen.

Their passion for quilting united them to organize the first international quilt show and invited some quilt artists from Japan, Australia and the US. Masako is the only one from Japan.

The show is held from the 11th to the 14th and we will give a one-day workshop each day.

Please click here to get further info about workshops offered by not only us but many other quilt artists as well.

On Saturday night (the 13) we will deliver a speech on how Masako started quilting.

It will be the end of the best season to enjoy Norway, but please come over to see us!



American Country 14, designed by Masako Wakayama

"American Country" is the fabric line which Masako designs every year and now the 14th collection has come out!

The theme of the panel is "stitching". It looks embroidered, but it is printed.
It also could be a sampler for those of you who want to practice, embroidering along designs. Every color used in it is matched up with COSMO threads by Le cien that we always use. You do not have to worry that you would go over the lines!

30870-70  980JPY/p

30870-30  980JPY/p

30871  1,300JPY/meter
How unique this design is! It has dots on both ends. You can either use the dots alone or as the fabric is. 
This is a sample to show the design. This color is not available.

30872  1,180JPY/meter
It is the first time in the some years to have a fabric in multi-color, which is 30872-10.

30873  1,180JPY/meter

Floral prints are always popular. It would be perfect for making not only quilts but clothes as well!

Do you know one of Japanese quilting magazines called "Quilt Japan"?
The fabrics and works using them appear in the new issue.

Here is the magazine's website and click here to browse!