Another book in Thai

We are so happy to announce that another book has been published in Thai.

 I looked at the inside ... it was totally Greek to me ... or  would I rather say totally Thai to me :-)?

The ISBN number is 978-974-247-586-4.
If you wish to have it, please check it with the number.


Lunch at the workshop in Bangkok

Pao's husband, Kob is a wonderful cook.
He cooked lunch for us including students (27 people in total) on the first and third days.
Needless to say, everything tasted so well!

Behind-the-scenes pictures are below....

The kitchen was hectic!

They are making mashed potatoes. Lots of butter. It can't be not good :-)

garlic toast

great chef!

We all had lunch together outside under a tent.

Stew, green salad and pasta

Grilled chicken!

Gorgeous plate

yum, yum!


Workshop in Bangkok 2013

Masako and I went to Bangkok for a week for giving workshops at Pao's quilt studio.
This is the front of her studio.

There was Masako's new quilt hanging on a wall at the entrance.

We had 17 students each day (from 8th to 11th) and made a bag which had 16 blocks using piecing paper and crochet boarders!

The first day

The second day

The third day

The final day

Many students brought their works like bags and pouches which were originally CRIB QUILT's kits or used her fabric collections "American Country".

There were only 2 Japanese students all through the duration.

We had never given workshops at Pao's atelier before, but with her and her husband, Kob's helps, everything went so well!

Interpreter, Bhussadee, Pao and Kob

One night Bhussadee san, Masako and I went to be given a massage. It was so relaxing!

Overall the students preferred the workshop at the studio, which gave them more intimate atmosphere than the ones held at the big hotel for the past years.


Kits that come with English directions!

It's been a while since I updated our kits with English directions information.
Here are photos of ones that we have in stock.

12M-1 Collage Bag 5,200yen

12M-2 Embellishment Box 5,800yen

12M-4 Patchwork Wallet 3,500yen
A358 Apron Shaped Bag 2,800yen 
sold out

A355 Bag placed in a Bag 2,500yen

10M-1 7 Patch Pattern Bag 4,000yen
9W-3 Russian Doll Pouch 1,800yen

6S-5 Strawberry Mini Bag 1,800yen

9M-7 Mini Quilt 2,500yen
8S-1 Camera Case 1,300yen

4W-9 Sewing Case 2,200yen

A365 Mini Coin Case with Punchneedle 1,200yen

A366 Sue's Pouch 1,800yen

If you need further info, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp