Kits that come with English directions!

It's been a while since I updated our kits with English directions information.
Here are photos of ones that we have in stock.

12M-1 Collage Bag 5,200yen

12M-2 Embellishment Box 5,800yen

12M-4 Patchwork Wallet 3,500yen
A358 Apron Shaped Bag 2,800yen 
sold out

A355 Bag placed in a Bag 2,500yen

10M-1 7 Patch Pattern Bag 4,000yen
9W-3 Russian Doll Pouch 1,800yen

6S-5 Strawberry Mini Bag 1,800yen

9M-7 Mini Quilt 2,500yen
8S-1 Camera Case 1,300yen

4W-9 Sewing Case 2,200yen

A365 Mini Coin Case with Punchneedle 1,200yen

A366 Sue's Pouch 1,800yen

If you need further info, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp

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