New fabrics have arrived!

New fabrics just arrived in the store!
If you wish to place an order for the fabrics, please contact me at office@crib.co.jp

Here is our shipping method.  Each minimum unit is 30cm.

Le cien (Japanese fabric company)

A20-1  1180yen/m

A20-2  1180yen/m

A20-3  1180yen/m

Fabrics from the US

A02-470  1400yen/m

A02-471  1400yen/m

A02-472  1400yen/m

A02-473  1400yen/m

A02-474  1400yen/m


New Class in Kuramae

We have started our monthly class in Kuramae which is close to Asakusa as known as the one of popular places for international tourists.

We had arrived there earlier than it began, we went to a sushi restaurant in the neighbourhood where we could see the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower, "Tokyo Sky Tree" that opened some months ago.

Look at sushi on a plate!

It's unnecessary to mention that it tasted good, as you can tell by seeing the photo!

After lunch, a class began at 1pm.

They are relatively newer than the other students in Kawasaki, but they decided to make a quilt for our upcoming quilt show in Spring. Looking forward to seeing the finished ones!


4 pages in a country home decor magazine

The new winter issue of a magazine called "Watashi no Country no.83" (My country no.83) was released yesterday.

Masako and her quilts appear over 4 pages!


One of my treasures

Here is one of my treasures.

Originally it was painted by Tasha Tudor, but mine is a lithograph with her autograph.

The next upcoming Tokyo Dome Show features Tasha Tudor who is very popular in Japan.
Have you ever heard of her? If you wish to know more about her, please visit this lovely website. ( here )

The Tokyo Dome Show is just around the corner. We are now busy to prepare things for it.
New kits will come out so please don't miss them out!

Just in case I paste its website here, too.


Wonderful workshop in Houston

We returned home from Houston last Friday.
The two main reasons to go there were to place orders for fabrics and give a workshop.

Maggie who leads a group called "Silk Experience" and had invited us to give a workshop, took us to the Educational office to register on October 31st.
There were many volunteers who helped organize things about workshops.

It had been the 3rd year for us to teach there, but we had been worried if we could work it out.

Even the day before, we discussed it over lunch!

Finally it began at 9 am!
Maggie talked a little about her group then introduced me to everyone.

Once it had started, I was getting to feel less pressured.

We did punchneedle in the morning and double eye needle embroidery in the afternoon.
The owner of Igolochkoy (Punchneedle) , Gail was there with us all day, which was a big help!

Since most of them had never tried either of Punchneedle and a double eye needle, we went to every table to see how they were doing.

The students were amazing! They were quick to get how to do both!
Thank you for coming :-)