A trip to Thailand #3 Extra photos

We visited another new quilt shop in Bangkok.

Some of Masako's books and goods were displayed in the window.

We have known Joe and his wife for some years and it was our pleasure to celebrate the opening of their shop.

I especially like this photo.
Pao's husband, Kob, and Masako.
Kob was a college professor who retired a couple of years ago.
He taught art, water color painting (his major) in particular, and he is really good with his hands.
We had previously given workshops in quilting and sewing. For a change, we did a catonnage box and he was excellent!
The brush he is holding was not for painting, but he knew what to do with it.

It is a Japanese tradition to drink beer after work.
No ... wait, I cannot drink!

Our flight, on the final day, did not depart until midnight.
So we spent almost a whole day at Pao's home discussing and planning next year's workshop.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful time!



A trip to Thailand #2 Workshops in Bangkok

At a hotel called "Cinnamon Residence" we gave workshops for 2 days.

At the begging Masako gave a lecture about her quilt. It has many antique fabrics in it which were made circa 1850-70.

The project was a cartonnage box.
Using fabrics of her new line "American Country 14", we asked a company to manufacture our kit to make this special box!

They are two ladies who finished the box first on the second day.
They really did a good job!

She has attended every one of our workshops so far and brought her quilt which she made specially for her daughter. What a lovely quilt!

She also attended our last workshop. The bag and a pouch they are carrying are based on the last workshop project. She added a few of her own ideas to them.

Mon chan, a cute staff worker at the hotel.
He helped us a lot, with a smile, and bought one of Masako's books for his girl friend

Joy is always a great help to make our workshops successful!

I also assisted at the workshop!

At the end of both workshop we took a photo of everybody.

Day One

Day Two

Before leaving for home, some students told us that they really enjoyed the workshop and were hoping to see us next year. This is wonderful feedback. 



A trip to Thailand #1 To Chiang Mai

As one of our annual events, we visit Thailand to give workshops.
It was 2007 when we first met Pao and Kob, a married couple, in Tokyo.
They have organized our workshops many times. Time is really going quickly!

To celebrate the opening of a quilt shop in Chiang Mai, we went directly to a connecting flight gate when we arrived at the airport in Bangkok.

Knitting on the plane

Ms. Ramarin Boonsom, called Pingpong, has helped us a lot when we do workshops in Bangkok.
Opening her own quilt shop has been her dream.

Pingpong and Masako

Her shop is located in a shopping mall area and is very beautiful.
It's a three story building.

The first floor is a cafe.

The second floor is a shop which is not yet open.
The third floor is where she will give lessons. We gave a mini workshop.

Pao, Masako and Pingpong

There is a kitchen counter right beside the classroom because she wants to give various workshops including cooking and baking. What a good idea!

This is the name of the shop. 
If you live in the neighborhood, please go to visit!

Masako, Emi, Pao, Kob and Pingpong