A trip to Thailand #1 To Chiang Mai

As one of our annual events, we visit Thailand to give workshops.
It was 2007 when we first met Pao and Kob, a married couple, in Tokyo.
They have organized our workshops many times. Time is really going quickly!

To celebrate the opening of a quilt shop in Chiang Mai, we went directly to a connecting flight gate when we arrived at the airport in Bangkok.

Knitting on the plane

Ms. Ramarin Boonsom, called Pingpong, has helped us a lot when we do workshops in Bangkok.
Opening her own quilt shop has been her dream.

Pingpong and Masako

Her shop is located in a shopping mall area and is very beautiful.
It's a three story building.

The first floor is a cafe.

The second floor is a shop which is not yet open.
The third floor is where she will give lessons. We gave a mini workshop.

Pao, Masako and Pingpong

There is a kitchen counter right beside the classroom because she wants to give various workshops including cooking and baking. What a good idea!

This is the name of the shop. 
If you live in the neighborhood, please go to visit!

Masako, Emi, Pao, Kob and Pingpong


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