A trip to Thailand #2 Workshops in Bangkok

At a hotel called "Cinnamon Residence" we gave workshops for 2 days.

At the begging Masako gave a lecture about her quilt. It has many antique fabrics in it which were made circa 1850-70.

The project was a cartonnage box.
Using fabrics of her new line "American Country 14", we asked a company to manufacture our kit to make this special box!

They are two ladies who finished the box first on the second day.
They really did a good job!

She has attended every one of our workshops so far and brought her quilt which she made specially for her daughter. What a lovely quilt!

She also attended our last workshop. The bag and a pouch they are carrying are based on the last workshop project. She added a few of her own ideas to them.

Mon chan, a cute staff worker at the hotel.
He helped us a lot, with a smile, and bought one of Masako's books for his girl friend

Joy is always a great help to make our workshops successful!

I also assisted at the workshop!

At the end of both workshop we took a photo of everybody.

Day One

Day Two

Before leaving for home, some students told us that they really enjoyed the workshop and were hoping to see us next year. This is wonderful feedback. 


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