In front of NASA

This is the exact same place where last time we took the picture. (click it
Yoko's mother has been doing well too.

After the workshop, Yoko took us to the top of a mountain where we could see down a shoreline.

It used to be an usual town where many houses were built.
Look at it ... You might be able to find some houses. They look normal, but you will find out everything on the first floor was washed away because of the tsunami, if you get closer.

Time has stopped since then for many people living in Ishinomaki.

We wish if we could bring them smiles with a quilt!

Thank you very much, Yoko and her wonderful customers!

3 beautiful quilts

There were 3 beautiful quilts in Yoko's shop.

The first one was hanging on the wall.

The second one was quilted by Yoko's friend and its story was posted on the blog before. ( please check it )

This is the third one which now Yoko's working on. We found some knitting in there!

Blocks were gathered from all over the world! We could find messages in English, Japanese, Thai, German and French.

We would like to thank all of the people who joined this project, especially Marylene and Pao.

NASA is a greengrocer?

Look at the small place where vegetables are sold in the shop!

Actually Yoko's cousin is a farmer so he brings some fresh vegetables which are picked up in the morning!

They looked really nice!

Workshop at NASA

There were familiar faces whom we met last December.

Yoko's house and shop was fortunately ( like a miracle) not damaged at all.

But each customer is in a different situations.

Some lost their families and houses and some still live in gyms of public schools or temporary houses.

Now Yoko's shop, NASA is where they feel peaceful, piecing fabrics with gorgeous smiles that they have!

We made eco-bags using interfacing for applique.

We went to Sendai

We went to Sendai to see Yoko living in Ishinomaki and give a workshop at her shop called "NASA" on July 27th.

There were lots of decorations for the TANABATA festival which is held from Aug.6th till 8th at Sendai station. (its website)



Nakameguro is one of fashionable towns in Tokyo where we had a dinner meeting last night!

Before seeing them, we stopped by our favorite antique craft shop called "Passe Compose".

I bought some antique lace ....will attach them to a quilt that I am working on:-)

Then we headed for a restaurant called "Hashidaya".
They serve various chicken plates.

Everything was delicious!


Sapporo Kanariya

Till the middle of August, a popular craft shop called "Karariya" that is based in Sapporo does a mini exhibit of Masako's new fabrics , American Country 11. 
Please stop by, when you are in the neighborhood.


rice balls

Hello there, it is Miu. Hope you are having a great weekend.
It was nice and cool last two days, but got hot today again.
I should look for the coolest place in the house!

By the way, Ms. Wakayama made rice balls for lunch.
Do you know it ( Onigiri )?

They were filled with Tarako from Hokkaido and Umeboshi from Wakayama.

I wish I could join them:-)



I am on my way to Sapporo for quilt classes. Yesterday the 6th typhoon of the season was approaching southeastern Japan, but it changed its direction to the south.

The only domestic flight canceled is for Hachijo island today.


class at printemps

It was ecole printemps's Wednesday.
As usual, we had lunch at muji cafe (we ran into one of students of Kawasaki class!) then headed for the school.
We welcomed another 2 students!



Nadeshiko girls won over the US in the Women's World Cup soccer final!
I watched the game very early in the last morning .... They are great! 


From our students

Each a student of CRIB QUILT class of Kawasaki and Osaka bought us another regional postcards!


She went on a trip to Ibaraki and told me that it was a nice present for her friends as well!
(She had not been heard of this regional card till we told!)



New fabrics arrived!

New fabrics have arrived here from the US today!

A02-432 1400yen per meter

A02-433  1400yen per meter

A02-434  1400yen per meter

A02-435  1400yen per meter

If you would like to place an order, please feel free to contact me at office@crib.co.jp !

Marylene in Belgium

Right after the earthquake and tsunami struck the east of Japan on Mar 11th, we got many emails from friends living outside of Japan.

We met most of them through the quilt.

Then one of them, Marylene who is an owner of a quilt shop called "Atelier Patchwork et Point de Croix" in Belgium and we decided to take action. That's how this project, "Patch for Japan (Anata to Watashi no Quilt)" started.

We announced it on our blog on Mar 17th and the very next day, she sent a photo of blocks that they already made! ( here is a detail )

Since then she has received, this is incredible, 6500 blocks from all over the world.
Such as Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Israel, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Greece and so on.

On June 26th, the last Sunday of the 2nd semester, they got together to assemble blocks to make a top in the afternoon.

First they separated blocks to groups of colors.

Marylene is in the middle, wearing a white T-shirt.

In the evening, their families came there for BBQ party afterwords. Sounds fun!

Look at a top which consists of 20x20=400 squares (2x2m)!

She told me that some of ladies brought blocks to piece at home. 

We are going to Europe for a quilt show called "European Patchwork" this September and give a workshop at her shop. Can't wait to see her again!

Here is her website, so please check it!


Ken Watanabe and his wife

I've heard from Yoko the day before yesterday to tell that the 2nd quilt of "Anata to Watashi no Quilt (Patch for Japan)" was finished by a group of quilters living in Onagawa.

The quilt consists of 12x18=216 blocks, which means 216 people's hearts were pieced together!

There is a card that I wrote for them next to it.

Mr and Mrs. Watanabe happened to be in Onagawa then look at the quilt!
I guess most of you have heard of Ken Watanabe who is a worldly well known Japanese actor.

The quilt will be seen by many various people from now on .... how wonderful!


Visitor from Inner Mongolia

We had a visitor who was born in Inner Mongolia this afternoon. She is Ms.Syu who now stays in Tokyo as an exchanging language student.

Before coming to Tokyo, she was a student of Beijing university so that she lived with her aunt in Beijing.

Her aunt and mother like the quilt so she stopped by CRIB QUILT today as she is supposed to return to Beijing next month.

Thank you for coming!

some summer sale kits that we highly recommend

Let's take a look at some kits that I recommend!


You can keep your tools together in there.


This kit is priced really economically as it comes with a leather handle!
Here is a zipper on the side so you can easily open it.


Most of fabrics used for the kit are already sold out and discontinued. They were so popular and quickly gone away.