summer sale is going on

CRIB QUILT Summer sale has finally started today.
Here are all kits priced economically for a limited time of a month. 30%OFF!
I'm sure you will find ones you like below!

9W-1 3500yen   2450yen

9W-4 3200yen  2240yen

A348  2200yen   1540yen

9M-4  1800yen  1260yen

9M-8  1500yen   1050yen

10M-6  1800yen   1260yen

9M-1  3500yen   2450yen

9S-3  3000yen  2100yen

A328  2200yen   1540yen

8W-3  1200yen  840yen

8M-3  2500yen  1750yen

9M-3  1800yen  1260yen

9S-4  2400yen  1680yen

Please feel free to contact me at office@crib.co.jp .

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