Marylene in Belgium

Right after the earthquake and tsunami struck the east of Japan on Mar 11th, we got many emails from friends living outside of Japan.

We met most of them through the quilt.

Then one of them, Marylene who is an owner of a quilt shop called "Atelier Patchwork et Point de Croix" in Belgium and we decided to take action. That's how this project, "Patch for Japan (Anata to Watashi no Quilt)" started.

We announced it on our blog on Mar 17th and the very next day, she sent a photo of blocks that they already made! ( here is a detail )

Since then she has received, this is incredible, 6500 blocks from all over the world.
Such as Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Israel, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Greece and so on.

On June 26th, the last Sunday of the 2nd semester, they got together to assemble blocks to make a top in the afternoon.

First they separated blocks to groups of colors.

Marylene is in the middle, wearing a white T-shirt.

In the evening, their families came there for BBQ party afterwords. Sounds fun!

Look at a top which consists of 20x20=400 squares (2x2m)!

She told me that some of ladies brought blocks to piece at home. 

We are going to Europe for a quilt show called "European Patchwork" this September and give a workshop at her shop. Can't wait to see her again!

Here is her website, so please check it!


Anonymous said...

It is a great pleasure for us to help you.
It's also very fun to play with colors. We finished the second quilt yesterday. Soon the quilting begin.
We are also looking forward to seeing you in my store.
See you soon, Marylène

cathy said...

Hi Masako,
I live in Belgium and I'm one of those who sewed the squares on June 26 I will return July 28.
Marylène is very generous and I am very proud to be part of this adventure.
I hope to meet you one day, it would be wonderful!
More pictures here:

Kisses from Belgium!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mazako !
Welcome in Belgium !
Marylène is very very friendly !
See you to september....I hope !
Le Ptit Bûcheron
( http://bland.canalblog.com)