Anata to Watashi no Quilt

On March 11th, the earthquake called Tohoku-Kanto earthquake and tsunami happened.

We tried contacting our friends living in Miyagi and Fukushima immediately then we had been waiting to hear from them.

In the meantime, we got lots of emails from friends all over the world to make sure if we were fine.

The circle of quilt friends... What we can do for people in Miyagi and Fukushima has been still limited..but we have been thinking if there is anything that we can help them with.

Then we got an email from Marylene who is a quilt shop owner in Belgium so we asked her to send something handmade.

She just visited Japan (Tokyo) for checking the International Great Quilt Festival this January.

She suggested doing a friendship quilt with signatures. We liked the idea!

First we made patterns then took a picture of them and sent by email.

We are not sure how this goes, but would like you to make a pattern with all your heart.

We dedicate it to our friends.

The dimension of the pattern is 10x10cm.

Please write on the white fabric in any languages with a black permanent pen,
* messages
* name
* nationality
* date

If you could join us, please send to

CRIB QUILT :577 Nakamaruko Nakahara Kawasaki 2110012 Japan

We are not in a hurry so please take your time...it would be appreciated to put a picture of you as well when you mail patterns!

We would like to call this quilt "Anata to Watashi no Quilt". It means the quilt for you and me in Japanese.