Patch for Japan and Crochetons pour le Japon

We met Claire who leads a project of "Crochetons pour le Japon" for the first time at EPM. She is a friend of Marylene's and came to Tokyo to visit the International great quilt festival last January where she saw my latest quilt.

Yoko, Masako, Emi, Marylene, Claire and Melissa

Each piece of the quilt was combined with knitted motifs, so when the disaster happened in Japan on Mar.11, Claire decided to do something for Japan using knitting.

This is her website where you can see beautiful knitted covers.
She asked people online for knitting motifs, and in the end, she made over 120 covers!

Marylene showed us a notebook which has names of people who participated in this project and numbers till over 6500!

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