Susannah Hunter

I have been a huge fan of Susannah Hunter for a long time.
It must have been more than 10 years since I saw one of her bags at a boutique, H.P. France, in Tokyo.

The highlight of my stay in London was to visit her shop!

I didn't expect that Susannah would be in the shop. So special!

I could not find a bag which I already had checked on her website and secretly decided to buy.
I asked if it was sold out and her staff member, Rachel, told me that they could make it especially for me! We were 8 ladies in total and personally ordered six bags!!

Then something miraculous happened. They offered to show us their basement studio.
It was such a wonderful opportunity to see behind the scenes where gorgeous works are produced! 

There were many pieces in progress. 

It was right before lunch and I asked them if there was a nice restaurant in the neighborhood. Susannah recommended an Italian restaurant next door.
The owner of the restaurant and she have become close and she immediately reserved a table for us!

I found it very surprising that some designs of her collections came from a menu of the restaurant. Isn't it lovely?!

They promised that the six bags would be delivered in one month ...
Then exactly one month later, we received them with a note from her! So sweet!

Could I be any happier??


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Anonymous said...

it's always fun to see how things are made!

you look pretty happy!