The new fabrics of American Country 11 are now available!

I'm excited to announce that the new fabrics that Masako Wakayama designed are now finally available.

The theme of American Country 11 (AC11) is a "letter".

It will be an adorable mini quilt ( the size is 75x110cm) you will want to display year after year.
You can also cut each panel to make smaller projects. With the Eiffel tower, you can make a pouch..maybe with matryoshka dolls, you can cut into 3 pieces and make real small dolls!

Actually it was based on the quilt that Masako Wakayama made and was exhibited at the Tokyo Great International Quilt show last January.

It absolutely takes a long time to make the same one ( but you can with the new book that shows how to make it) , but with the printed fabric, it is quicker and easier!

The item number is 30241-10. A panel costs 975yen for an international customer.

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