new kits

Please be sure to take a look at new kits using fabrics of American Country 11 that Masako Wakayama designed!

First, 11m-1, it is a pouch having 2 pockets.
On the front side, there is a pocket fastened by Velcro.
On the back side, it has a pocket fastened by a zipper.

Secondly,11M-2, it is another pouch with a metal handle.

The last one, 11M-3 is a mini day bag.

It has a pocket on the back side!

11M-1 ( 14x19cm) is 1500yen.
11M-2 (14x16cm) is 1800yen.
And 11M-3 (18x26x10cm) is 4000yen.

If you have any questions, please email me at office@crib.co.jp

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