Good foods in Singapore

Zen and Wuxi took us to amazing restaurants during our stay in Singapore.

I didn't have time to search for info about foods but I had known about Chicken rice and our Thai friend, Pao, recommended to eat it at the Mandarin hotel.

There it was. You could eat Chicken rice anywhere in Singapore, but everybody said that was the best. It came with 3 different sauces, Chili, Ginger and Duck sauce. You can make your own one by mixing them up.

Chili crab is also a popular seafood. We went to "JUMBO" to have dinner together, every table even outside the restaurant was almost full and it looked like a big party was going on.

The Japanese love crab but it was different from what we had here. It was so hard to open  the crab shell, so an apron was needed. 

Some of you might have seen this tea house "TWG" in your town. TGW is a Singaporean brand.
I knew it was in Jiyugaoka which was a town that I liked, but I always hesitated to go in because a menu hanging on a wall outside the shop told us it was a little expensive.

On the way to go up to the top of the Marina bay sands, we had tea with Zen and Wuxi.

There was a million kinds of teas and it was so hard to pick one out.

When we were about to have seats, one of the students who attended the workshop was sitting right next to us! What a coincidence!
It was definitely a luxurious and relaxing time.

We bought many tea boxes to give friends as gifts at Takashimaya department store. When having the tea, it will surely remind us of nice memories in Singapore.

Do you know what this number "1837" means in its logo? Singapore has only a 47-year-history. Usually in a logo, we find "since" or "established in" but then we realized nothing was indicated. It must have a meaning. It is funny and we are curious to know the reason. 

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that you enjoyed our local chicken rice and chilli crabs while on Singapore. I would suggest your next trip would also include cooking lessons to prepare them and share it with your friends on Japan. Our renowned and award winning chefs like Sam Leong, Violet Oon and Eric Teo do have their own studio conducting one day course in Singapore. This will help you to bring fonder memories back to Japan as I did, learning to cook chawanmushi and tempura and rice balls when I visited and toured Japan on 2007.