pictures from Yoko 2

Yoko's customers living in a town called Ogatsu get together at her quilt shop today.

The town, Ogatsu was deeply damaged by Tsunami and most of people lost their houses. Because of land subsidence, it is impossible to rebuilt their houses on the same places. There is no other ways than leaving their home.

They finally could see each other for the first time since Mar.11 and cried for joy.

They used to get together for quilting at a town hall which now totally looks different from what it used to be. Look at a bus on the top of the roof.

A circle of quilters is getting bigger in Miyagi prefecture. Some quilters whom Yoko hasn't known also joined this activity!

A girl is one of voluntary helpers in where Yoko lives. This is her first time to quilt!

This is a lady living in Ogatsu who lost her house and moved from place to place. She decides  on moving to Kanto area.
She could not take anything with her, but her husband's mortuary tablet.
Hope she is happy with the sewing case that we sent.

At the front of her shop, there is a signboard with a message.
"Gambarou Japan, Gambarou Miyagi" Gambaro is hard to be translated, but it means, "Don't loose hope , let's go forward!" We will walk together!!!

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