how do you do with small pieces of fabrics?

Don't you have many small pieces of fabrics that are not enough to make, for example , 4 or 9 patch pattern?

Do you dislike the hassle of trying to mark each one and sew them together?

Here is a tip to solve the problem!

Let's use plastic templates:-)

1.Place clear plastic template over center of fabric motif. Use hole to pin in place (or use clips).
2.Cut fabric around template leaving 5-8mm seam allowance.
3.Turn seams over sides of template, double stitching at each corner to hold folds in place.
4.Use oversew stitch to join pieces together. (Keep templates in, then your work will be precise.)
5. Remove the template when you have sewn round each side.

There are some combinations of using different designs, explaining above in a plastic template love chart!

We have them available online, but it is in Japanese. here

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