Consulate of Japan in Chiang mai

On the second day in Chiang mai, one of attendees from my workshop in Bangkok invited us to visit Consulate of Japan in Chiang mai.

We were wondering if the consulate of Japan really meant the official organization which was related to Embassy....

There it was...
It was the real consulate of Japan in Chiang mai!

At the entrance they did security check for our belongings, then we got to a room through a few of thick doors, where some ladies were waiting for us to come with Thai official dresses on.

The second lady from the left hand side is the last princess of Chiang mai.
She was giving a donation to Japan because of this disaster.

He is a consul general.

A mother ( the third lady from the right hand side in upper picture) of the attendee works for Cultural Council in Chiang mai whose vice president is the princess.

Thai people are thinking of us often and feel quite close to us.
We were touched by their thoughts.

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