L'aiguille en fete 2: Patch for Japan and Crochetons pour le Japon

On the 2nd floor, displays of "Patch for Japan" and "Crochetons pour le Japon" appeared opposite from ours.

With quilts from Marylene and crochet blankets from Claire and her friends, this project started for people living in Ishinomaki who were affected by the tsunami.

80 quilts and blankets on handrails of staircases.

At a table they sold postcards with which were to raise money for shipping the quilts to Ishinoamki as charity.

Near the table, there was a board that letters and pictures from people who sent grannies to Claire were pinned on.

Looking at all these, we realized what a great thing it was that so many people joined this project.

In the middle of the show, 2 ladies from Claire's started walking up and down rows of people to sell cards!

"A postcard at 1 euro for Japan!"
Don't you think how courageous they were? Putting a blanket on their shoulder, holding a card in their hand, they looked happy to do that, which moved me very much.

Marylene started making the new one ...

The show was over and so packing was with those IKEA plastic bags (how useful!).

We will make every effort to send them to Ishinomaki by the time winter approaches.


crochetjapan said...

YOu have really nice photos ... and I took both of them (the one with Nadia and Michele with their blankets on their shoulders: so funny) to put on french blog www.crochetjajpo.blogspot.com

Evelyne said...

a lot of good memories....Evelyne

Anonymous said...

We had good times together. I hope it brings you much happiness in Ishinomaki. See you soon, Marylène