The 25th anniversary 2

Secretly we had prepared 2 special occasions for them.
One of them was a tap dance show!

One of Masako's friends was a tap dance teacher so she asked her to do some performances. She willingly accepted her offer.

Almost all of the students had never seen tap dance that close before and their eyes were glued to her dance.

The other one was a bingo game!
The giveaways looked so great ... everything was from Paris when Masako visited there or works from her European friends :-)

As we expected, the works from the friends were popular and taken one by one first.

At the end of the party, the students gave Masako a nice surprise, which was a bouquet of flowers, a pair of wine glasses and a bottle of red wine made in 1987.

Thank you all!!!    


Quilt ranch said...

Happy birthday to you Masako !

damenana said...

je vous souhaite un trés joyeux anniversaire! et que votre travail et vos merverilles qui sortent de vos doigts de fée nous enchante encore longtemps
douce journée du nord de la france