The 25th anniversary party!

The party to celebrate the 25th anniversary began at an Italian restaurant in Jiyuugaoka at noon on Feb. 26.

We displayed a quilt with a sign of "25" which was made for this special occasion,

a magazine published 22 years ago where Masako appeared with her father,

symbols of a great friendship - "Patch for Japan",

A signboard which we used when it was opened,

and countless messages from international friends!

There was a reception outside the restaurant.
Since students don't have opportunities to meet others in classes on different days, we asked everyone to wear name badges to get to know each other better.

The restaurant was filled with almost 70 people!

The party started with Masako's "Thank you for coming" speech.


buzzylaines said...

Happy the 25th anniversary , Masako
kind regards from France

losri said...

Joyeux anniversaire Masako !!!!! bizzz

Anonymous said...

Hoping still a very long life créatvie to your shop and many pretty projects that we will dream. See you soon, Marylène

Bricolos du lundi said...

Now that I am back from holidays, I can wish you a still long way for your shop ... and I hope I will be able to come to visit you !
Hope you enjoyed this evening
CLaire, from France ...